Office building: from the integration of architecture, interior, lighting and building materials – Design Strategy

02 the second thing is the practical demand for indoor ventilation.

After full communication with the owner, we both reached an agreement and established a common goal: 1.

03 progressive detail deepening design / silk stripping and cocoon extraction we conducted targeted research on the core nodes of the curtain wall system, visited nearly 16 similar cases, coordinated 7 types of work, made 6 adjustments of different scales, and conducted 22 special studies to realize the technical feasibility of the design scheme.

Stanford Apple store in California: through the integration of architecture, landscape and interior, it completes the quality presentation of internal and external integration.

Through the integration consideration, we can complete the high-quality presentation of internal and external integration.

This will not damage the facade and ensure the fire prevention effect.

In the scheme stage, focus on the discussion of core nodes with curtain wall consultant, floodlight consultant and ventilator consultant, and reasonably hide functional facilities such as floodlight, window opening and ventilator through the deepening of curtain wall nodes on the premise of ensuring the simplicity of facade.

But each of us knows the high technology, high cost and high difficulty behind the simplicity of the apple store.

From the deepening results, the efficient design system ensures that our final implementation effect is basically consistent with the conceptual design, and ensures the penetration of the design concept.

The role in the whole design process has also changed from a conventional “architect” to a “chief designer”.

The ventilator is ventilated at the interlayer groove position, which has no impact on the facade.

The owner also doubts the actual effect of the ventilator.

Through the joint discussion of the three parties, first complete the basic selection of the curtain wall form, then jointly design the 1:10 node, verify the feasibility of the 1:30 typical system detail by reverse, and finally ensure the accuracy of the appearance control of the opposite elevation of the drawings in the 1:100 and 1:50 stages.

At the same time, we deepened three different types of ventilation modes and made a comparison under the condition of reasonable structure and optimal design.

The first thing we did was “chatting” with fire blocking.

The core 100 meter tower is a customized headquarters office building.

While the professional architect cooperates efficiently with the disciplines related to each process of engineering design as a leader, he tests not only his professional design ability, but also the perspective and ability of corresponding extension technical issues.

For an office building that pursues simple and flat facade, floodlighting has become a thorny thing..

02 combing / still water flows deep in the fine design system.

As the idiom “still waters run deep” describes – the simpler things are, the more things are hidden behind them.

Through the integration consideration of architecture, landscape and interior, Complete the quality presentation of internal and external integration.

During the collision with the curtain wall consultant, we tried to solve it in this way.

Of course, the problems related to building fire prevention can not be so arbitrary.

One is external opening and the other is internal opening, which has greater advantages than external opening.

As the future office space of Zhongzhe group and its subsidiaries, it carries the important task of displaying and improving the corporate image.

It avoids repetition and changes due to cost differences, greatly improves the work efficiency of all parties, and guarantees the possibility of design realization.

With the advent of the post epidemic era, natural ventilation has become more important.

The fire blocking is done as usual, but the transverse keel is adjusted to be hidden, and the end is clamped with a very small component to top the glass.

For every professional architect, the core success or failure of a work is its realization, which is not only a problem of design level, but also a professional control of comprehensive problems.

03 integrated floodlighting, as a discipline with a relatively small proportion, is often delayed by the impact of the project cycle in the preliminary design, but when it comes to the deepening design of lighting, it is often found that the expected effect has no reasonable installation space in curtain wall or civil engineering, At this time, we can only passively accept the discount of lighting effect or the negative impact of light fixtures on the facade.

For DDB, this project is also another new attempt of “DDB integrated design service”.

Finally, the owner chose to open the fan outside.

01 project background: the headquarters project of Zhongzhe group is located in Yinzhou District, Ningbo, including headquarters office, apartment and business.

The real specialization of architectural design needs the integrated comprehensive design ability.

We can’t simplify them directly on our own wishful thinking.

Elephant Foot Ferrule

Compared with the apple store designed by foster firm, its image is very simple, with almost no redundant lines.

At the same time, we also optimize the stone division accordingly.

At the same time, the cost of the main curtain wall system is clarified to give the owner a clear cost range.

One function is to open the layers of glass and stone and enhance the virtual and real contrast of facade.

For a future regional enterprise landmark, it may not need to realize a more high-profile role like a city landmark, but should be given more characteristics and corporate genes of customized enterprise headquarters.

It covers many subsidiaries, involving eight modern fields such as international clothing, bulk trade, financial capital and biomedicine.


In the scheme deepening stage, we introduced the work of curtain wall and flood lighting consulting unit to participate in our 1:10 node design.

So we re-examine the ventilation form of curtain wall.

Moreover, the stone is made into conventional size, and the cost is also more reasonable.

The architectural image is elegant and exquisite in rationality and restraint.

As shown by the effect of architectural concept, the overall image temperament of the building pursues simplicity, atmosphere and exquisite details, which can be called the ultimate subtraction under concise logic.

At the same time, it is more likely that the information transmission of design disciplines in multiple companies is not smooth, resulting in design out of control in linear work.

In this process, a more reasonable and controllable design system is particularly important.

People who have done the deepening of office building curtain wall hate fire blocking, because they always cut a complete facade into pieces.

Ningbo Zhongzhe group is a comprehensive investment holding enterprise established in 1998.

1) The optimal design of the core node of the standard floor, which accounts for about 70% of the whole curtain wall system, has the greatest impact on the effect and cost control of the whole project.

For the other two forms, the opening fan is made on the premise of minimizing the impact on the facade.

However, from the perspective of architectural design, it is a very powerful thing to make a building clean.

The ideal ventilation effect is better, but the cost is relatively high.

In the architectural design, not only the practical functional requirements and specification restrictions will appear in the deepening design stage, but also the functional requirements of structures, HVAC, curtain walls, floodlights, interior and landscape will continue to be added on the facade.

Although the facade will have a certain impact, the cost performance is the best in terms of cost and use efficiency.

Just like our interpretation of the corporate image – low-key, introverted and elegant.

The practice of integrated design from architecture to landscape and interior space provides us with a new dimension and vision.

In order to pursue a complete large glass effect between layers, we very much hope to hide this line.

▲   For more highlights, click “search architecture”   Refinement in the context of integrated design controls the wedge of Shanghai Bingren architects, the headquarters building of Zhongzhe group.

01 chatting with fire blocking.

Sigram building: elegant and exquisite in rationality and restraint.

Sort out and classify the facade system of the project.

As the designer of the project, he not only undertakes the architectural design of the project, but also undertakes the tasks of landscape and interior design.


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