60 of the world’s most “evil” buildings, have you ever thought of living in a fully renovated nuclear bunker?

It really refreshes our cognition again and again.

A cabin in the mountains, the church on tibidabo mountain in Barcelona, Spain.

Failed! When your neighbor is a super villain The bank is 100% real in Germany, somewhere in Belgrade, Serbia.

Maze tower of the former Institute of experimental medicine in Berlin, Germany, Dubai, UAE, hot events, current affairs, news, world and wonderful life..

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Have you ever thought of living in a fully renovated nuclear bunker? Your time has come! Polygone Riviera, the buildings in the French sea are like Godzilla, and the Ferrari world looks like a virus infecting the earth.

Buzlujah, Bulgaria.

This is the TV Tower in Prague.

Rocky built the bridge.

Fauvism fountain this is the Church of the US Air Force Academy, the headquarters of Oakley in the United States, and this is a fire department in Italy.

Liujing hotel is the highest vacant building in the world.

These imperial guards think they can park the Star Cruiser anywhere.

No pit.

Petersburg, Russia, don’t look very good these days.

About 90% of its space is empty, with only girders inside.

The Cathedral of Clement Ferrand in France, the Star Wars building crestofski stadium, Also known as Gazprom arena, it is located in St.

The landmark of Reykjavik, Iceland, Vienna, Austria.

When your character reaches the edge of the map and can’t go any further, this apartment building looks like a sci-fi prison, a hotel in Russia.

I’d like to know how these buildings are built.

This is an office in Stockholm, Sweden, built in a former anti atomic sanctuary.

It looks like an alien warship.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin Nail Plate

Let’s go to the young Titan in Philadelphia City Hall! Building a building on a high mountain is seen in the movie 007.

MahaNakhon tower in the French Alps, Bangkok, the nest of Thai witches.

Living here is a disaster, the interior of a church.

Moscow is probably the closest I have ever seen to dystopia.

The training ground of Russian ninja, the headquarters of the Basque Ministry of health in Bilbao, Spain, and Thomas in Alexandria (plague Castle) in St.

I really can’t think of the designer’s intention, These buildings are like babies crawling up the riverside Museum in Glasgow, England.

I found Soren’s stealth shield in Pittsburgh.

Petersburg, Russia.

This place is creepy.

These Thomas look a little scary and look like the end of Seattle.

After reading them, you will find that there are so many buildings in the world that we have never seen before.

⭐ ️。 Advertising cooperation QQ: 85797565 if you have ever encountered a building that cools your back and looks like something in an anti Utopian film, you are likely to encounter an “evil building”.

We’ll turn on the lights for you.

When the church uses lasers, when a simple “do not enter” sign doesn’t work, the ultimate game of hide and seek looks like scenes in some dystopian films.

The polyhedron frogman headquarters in Luna Park.

Today, Xiaobian organized a group of 60 most creepy architectural photos in the world for you.


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