[memory] architecture can be read: this old building, which is quiet in the midst of noise, has gorgeous painted glass

The auxiliary building is hexagonal and has a unique light red circular dome.

Its Chinese and Western architectural style attracts the attention of passers-by.

The process of gilded ceiling foot line on the roof of the suite is very exquisite, and the fabric between the wall panels is also very exquisite.

Above the banquet hall is a painted glass ceiling, with a ceiling of 45 square meters, which is spliced by 69 pieces of glass with different colors, integrating the elements of historical and modern design.

The first floor of the building is the welcome hall, and the right side of the hall is provided with a wooden carved staircase leading to the interior of the main building.

Restoration of the original appearance of history   The red roofed building standing on the lush garden has a construction area of 2182 square meters and a garden area of 2475 square meters.

186, North Shaanxi road.

This is Rongzhai.

What kind of history has it experienced? What strange design does it have inside? Today, let’s go here and have a “meeting” with it ↓ a century old building with a combination of Chinese and western   The facade of the main building is provided with two-story column galleries, which can be distinguished from the top of the columns.

The repair team focused on a large number of painted glass left inside the building.

The columns cover three types of columns in ancient Greece, namely Doric style, Ionian style and Corinthian style, with classical characteristics; The plane layout is flexible, and the internal ground, woodwork and colored glass are beautifully decorated.

Huaye apartment is composed of a 10 storey main building and two 4-storey auxiliary buildings.

The main objective of this repair is to repair the damaged parts in order to restore the original historical appearance of the interior and exterior of the residence.

According to records, the auxiliary building was added during the expansion in 1920.

It is a place for holding parties.

On one side of the stairs are the bedroom and bathroom, on the other side are the goose yellow daylight room with xuanyue window, the dark green dining room with fireplace and the red conference room decorated with carved dado.

It is a representative work of residential buildings designed by Chinese architects in the 1930s..

The surrounding clock in points are not open to the outside world during non exhibition periods   1.

Craftsmen used dewaxing technology to cast new lamps according to the original lamps and lanterns in the room.


Carved flowers are carved around the fireplace.

Construction punch point   The banquet hall on the second floor was built with three bedrooms.

Painted glass panels are mostly well preserved and require only minor repairs, including replacing damaged parts and strengthening surrounding frames.

It is a reinforced concrete structure.

Meiqi Grand Theater address: 66 Jiangning Road, Jing’an District   Meiqi Grand Theater, built in the 1940s, was a very famous art place in Shanghai at that time.

The architectural modeling is unique and unique.


In 2005, it was announced as “excellent historical building in Shanghai”.

In order to burn the same brick surface as the original floor tile, the craftsman made the century old brick into a model, re colored and poured it manually, and then backfilled the tiles, pressed them layer by layer, calcined and fused them, so that the floor here can be reborn.

When repairing, craftsmen carefully peel off the paint layer, repair the damaged or missing part with new wood, and then treat it into a color consistent with the original.

The color of the wall kept the original color matching, and the carved fireplace, carved dado and carved stairs all kept the appearance of that era.

173, North Shaanxi road.

Address of Huaye apartment: No.

Retro and abstract geometric figures on painted glass windows can be seen everywhere in the whole Rongzhai, but there is only one panel with concrete scenes.

In 2011, the old buildings over 100 years old were renovated for six years and re entered the public view in 2017.

The front columns are classical and straight, the window glass colors are changeable, and the building is more solemn and elegant against the background of the South Lawn…

The missing hardware on the window was replaced, showing the same color as the original metal parts.

Many famous artists and classic works in the world had stepped on this stage.

It is a three-story western garden building with a garden.

The master’s bedroom adopts colored walls and white painted fireplace, and the tone is very soft, forming a sharp contrast with the solemn decorative style of other rooms.

On the one hand, we should try our best to maintain the repaired architectural color and form close to the original state.

Now the building in front of us shows its unique artistic charm.

Enter the second floor through the stairs.

Entering the conference room on the second floor, this light vermilion room has dark wood carved wall panels, revealing a strong ancient charm.

The northwest suite of the reception room building is the place of reception in that year, with a strong Chinese architectural style.

The glass and 21 panels in the center of the corridor skylight were carefully removed for cleaning, repair and reassembly.

RASTO Panel Formwork Clamp

At the North Shaanxi Road near West Nanjing Road in Jing’an District, there is an old-fashioned garden building, which is quiet in the midst of noise.

It was announced as a cultural relics protection unit in Shanghai in 1989.

Through the corridor connected to the conference room, you can also go to the banquet hall located in the annex building.

Meiqi Grand Theater is a theater building with reinforced concrete frame structure and decorative art style.

After officially entering, the exquisite decoration such as complex internal ground, woodwork and colored glass in the living room is very eye-catching.

Before the restoration of the floor tile, this sunlight room is the original structural room of the building.

Open information address: No.

It is the frame of the original wooden window that needs a lot of repair.

The reception hall is also equipped with leisure places.

The corridor next to the bedroom leads to the beihui living room of the attached building.

MAHLE villa address: No.

The rich color changes increase the sense of crossing in the space.

The highlight here is a convex structure fireplace added in 1918.

30, South Shaanxi Road   Located at the corner of middle Yan’an Road and South Shaanxi Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, it was completed in 1936.

After the expansion in 1918, it is equipped with multiple windows to absorb sunlight.

After coloring, it is coated and sealed with natural honey wax, which is far more difficult than re carving.

On the other hand, it is necessary to supplement the lost architectural details in combination with history, and carry out necessary structural strengthening and functional innovation for the residence.

It was started in 1932 and completed in 1934.

During the construction process, the old surface is polished with sandpaper to remove the surface stains, so that the repaired part has the same appearance as the original wood.

It covers an area of more than 5000 square meters and a garden area of nearly 2000 square meters, with a history of more than 80 years.

The main facade of this historic old building has a two-story column gallery.

The third floor of the main building is the master bedroom.

Therefore, during the repair, the repair experts from home and abroad and the craftsman team learned and imitated the traditional manufacturing process and installation skills, and the building materials used were as consistent as possible with the original construction of the building a hundred years ago.

In those years, senior craftsmen carved them on teak with a special chisel and knife.

The content of these patterns is closely related to the owner’s life.


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