How many masterpieces of architecture have been destroyed in facade materials

When the door of “space” is closed, “material” opens another window for you.

▼ Chongqing huanghuayuan Vanke emerald metropolis application scope: outdoor ▼ times · Yunlai is located in Zhongshan Expo mansion area.

Contribution: Guangzhou jiqingshe building materials Co., Ltd.

Finally, it presents a powerful impression.

After completion ▼ 4 – weather resistance – in addition to the beautification of the facade, moisture and mildew of the exterior wall and indoor are also common problems ▼ metal active minerals are removed in the production process of clay stone, combined with inorganic pigments, which is stable and does not change color and mildew.

Different from traditional man-made stone, mud guest stone is a new high-end stone product made of inorganic materials and pressed by high-frequency and high-pressure vibration through special synthesis technology.

The Milan World Expo China Pavilion was built in 2015 in Italy, Milan and World Expo, with “the field of hope, the source of life”.

Colors and some lines can be customized ▼ the effect after use has been improved by N grades, realizing the amazing transformation of ugly duckling into white swan, which is also the significance given by the continuation of the building of the spatial facade.

The mining process of natural stone is to destroy the ecosystem: cutting trees and digging mountains is deforestation, and the crushed stone powder after mining pollutes the environment.

The effect of the scheme is not inferior to that of foreign countries.

Designed by Shanghai Riqing Construction Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Vanke sales department is located in Xi’an, Shaanxi.

Application scope: outdoor comes from Hanhua Architectural Design Institute.

As long as you see it, you can find it…

Before completion ▼ Hangzhou Wanda Yuexiang Tongxin Bay is located in Wanda Plaza in the south of Hangzhou   Scope of application: outdoor completion: after completion in 2020 ▼ 3 – good stability – natural stone has different components in different geological ages in the formation process, and the texture part is particularly easy to fracture.

from: Abbs (ID: abbs02861998484) this article has been authorized to say that “architecture is the art of space”.

02   A material full of advanced feeling   Just like the Guangzhou Opera House, no matter how good the work is, if there is a problem with the material selection, it will destroy the design.

Zaha Hadid architecture firm Chaoyang Gate SOHO ▼ Big Taipei Hualien resort waterfall house ▼ Tadao Ando 4 × 4house ▼ but the real problem is always in front of us: why don’t some works built out of the same space and even the same masters taste like that? 01   Seller show vs Buyer show   The Guangzhou Grand Theatre in the renderings of the Guangzhou Grand Theatre designed by Zaha Hadid still gives people a lot of reverie space.

▼ the production process of clay stone is precise and rigorous, which overcomes the defect of cross-section of natural stone texture.

After completion ▼ there are still many times when the space has been severely limited by planning, site selection, environment, function, cost and even Party A’s aesthetics, so it is difficult to give play, and it is difficult for a clever daughter-in-law to cook without rice.

Nansha poly Tianhui application scope: indoor 04   Extraordinary works already presented   Nanchang Vanke overseas Chinese town is located on the West Bank of Xianghu Lake in Nanchang.

Shanghai Tianhua design institute designs ▼ even mediocre buildings, we can give him a full sense of Ando, sister Island, Yidong and zumto…

The “material” used for these facades is called mud guest stone ▼ it is made by taking cement as the main cementation material, selecting quartz sand aggregate and inorganic pigment, fully mixing and waste material process.

His works have always been as elegant and fresh as a clear stream, including the design renderings published before the new Hitachi government building, which also inherited the consistent clear and clean style.

It can control the color and texture, not only has the natural hierarchical texture, but also solves the overall effect of a large number of decoration, and solves the instability of color and texture caused by different ore openings of natural stones.

Application scope: outdoor and landscape wall.

After completion ▼ 2 – green and environmental protection – taking cement as the main cementation material, using stone waste, environmental protection and pollution-free, in response to national sustainable development.

Compared with other decorative surface materials on the market, what are the clear highlights of mud guest stone? 1 – strong decoration – for today’s diversified decoration styles, in order to show the gorgeous and temperament, more and more designers will choose mud guest stones with fine and solid texture, natural and smooth texture, beautiful stretch and changeable styles for decoration.

Wheel Spacer

Application scope: outdoor and indoor.

It is very characteristic! However, it may be because the effect drawing is too good that the subsequent landing contrast is too large.

Even the master is the same.

Before completion ▼ dozens of products with different styles can be selected, which can meet the requirements of personalized design of various buildings and designers.

Due to various factors such as the earthquake and the Tokyo Olympic Games, funding has been reduced! And the cuts are quite severe! The scheme has been modified more than once! Roof, from a large vault to multiple continuous vaults!!! Before modification ▼ after modification ▼ and the final implementation scheme is further simplified, all facade components are cancelled! The continuous vault has only two sections connecting the main building.

On the contrary, even a mediocre small sales department, a material full of high-grade feeling, can immediately make the grade burst.

What is the image of the Grand Theatre in reality? To tell you the truth, it’s hard to take a picture that can be seen.

Application scope: outdoor and indoor from Dongcang design ▼ investment attraction Jinmao poly · Hefu application scope: outdoor Landscape wall ▼ Nanjing Zhongnan real estate · Pujing application scope: outdoor and landscape wall ▼ Nanjing Vanke · Shidai Tianyue is located in Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

Natural stone has complex components and many active substances, and mildew is easy to occur after long-term exposure.

Do you still recognize it? Architects who never give up on the implementation of the status quo ▼ are at a loss? The answer is No.

It breaks through the traditional organic resin materials, does not contain organic materials, and can customize the texture.

Search from the Internet (including the official website of Zaha Office), in addition to the night scene that covers up the truth, there are basically no photos of the day scene to see! Too horrible to look at make complaints about the various facades, and the first reason why all kinds of tucks are also criticized.

Application scope: outdoor from Changxia Anji Architectural Design Institute.

Before completion ▼ Liuzhou Vanke City is located in Liuzhou, Guangxi.

5 – diversity of styles – the choice of a variety of colors and lines also meets the needs of designers in various styles.

The so-called masters are all experts who play with space.

03   Material properties   Mud guest stone is a kind of man-made stone.

As the theme, it is also the first time for China to go overseas to supervise the exhibition in the form of self built Pavilion.


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