Implementation Opinions on promoting the synergy between intelligent construction and building industrialization and accelerating the

   1、 Background of introduction    (1) Promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry is the inevitable requirement of high-quality development    During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the total output value of the construction industry in Jiangxi province basically doubled, with an average annual growth rate of 14.6%.

   (11) Improve the project pricing system.

Guiding opinions on promoting the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialization (Jianshi [2020] No.

   (10) Accelerate the transformation and application of technological achievements.

Through scientific and technological progress and management mode innovation, apply a large number of new technologies, new materials and new equipment, pay attention to improving the quality of workers and shaping the enterprise brand and image, so as to form the core competitiveness and first mover advantage of the enterprise.

Under the special background novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the traditional construction methods of construction industry have been greatly affected.

Intelligent construction and new building industrialization have the characteristics of high scientific and technological content, high industrial relevance and strong driving ability.

It is necessary to realize design standardization, production industrialization, construction assembly Management informatization and intelligent application.

   Safeguard measures include five aspects: strengthening organizational leadership, strengthening policy support, strengthening talent team construction, establishing a systematic evaluation mechanism, and strengthening organizational publicity and promotion.

For a long time, the construction industry has been an important traditional industry in our province, but the industrialization and informatization level of the construction industry is low, the mode of production is extensive, the labor efficiency is not high, the consumption of energy resources is large, and the ability of scientific and technological innovation is insufficient.

Strengthen the construction of application scenarios for intelligent construction and building industrialization, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, integrated innovation and demonstration application of major products.

60) issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, etc   3.

   2、 Drafting basis    1.

It is proposed to promote the application of building information model (BIM) technology in the whole construction process, accelerate the construction of digital design basic platform and integrated system, and realize the coordination of design, process and manufacturing.

In order to promote the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of construction industry and promote the high quality development of the construction industry, the provincial government office issued the opinions on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry with high quality development (2020, 34).

They not only have huge investment demand, but also drive a huge consumer market, lengthen the industrial chain, promote industrial reengineering and increase employment, and drive the professional and refined development of the industry.

   (3) An effective way to drive technological progress and improve production efficiency    The development of intelligent construction and new building industrialization should change the previous competition mode of low construction technology level, low scientific and technological content and simple labor cost, and closely combine the industrial production and construction process with informatization.

If you need to consult relevant certificates in the field of construction, please call Mr.

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   (5) Promote the application of advanced intelligent equipment.

Cultivate EPC enterprises with the ability of intelligent construction system solutions, and form an industrial chain covering design, production, construction and technical services.

   (6) We will actively promote green construction.

   (3) Improve the level of information technology.

34)    3、 Main content    The implementation opinions is divided into four parts: guiding ideology, development objectives, key work and safeguard measures.

Promote the R & D, manufacturing, promotion and application of advanced manufacturing equipment, intelligent equipment and smart site related equipment, improve the degree of mechanized construction, and comprehensively improve the construction quality and efficiency.

The growth rate ranked first in the country, and the total ranking rose from 17th to 13th in the country.

   The key work mainly involves 13 aspects, namely:    (1) Vigorously promote the transformation of construction mode.

We will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of system integration of new building industrialization, improve the design depth and enhance the urban style.

   (12) Improve project bidding methods.

Establish a scientific market-oriented project cost management system, improve the existing project pricing basis and rules, and provide pricing basis for the development of intelligent construction and new building industrialization.

   (7) Promote the development of industrial integration.

Encourage enterprises to increase investment in scientific research, strengthen independent innovation, focus on promoting the application of construction robots in the project construction site, and improve the industrialization level of on-site construction.

We will improve resource utilization efficiency and promote the reduction of construction waste.

Increase the application of Internet, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, mobile communication, artificial intelligence, blockchain and Bim in the construction process.

At present, they are effective to deal with the impact of the epidemic and alleviate the downward pressure on the economy An important measure to expand and develop new momentum.

Several opinions on accelerating the industrialization of new buildings (jbg [2020] No.

By accelerating the coordinated development of intelligent construction and new building industrialization, we will find a new way of intensive and high-quality development.

Provide bidding policy support for engineering projects of intelligent construction and building industrialization construction.

The proportion of the construction industry in GDP has always been maintained at about 8%, and the employed population is nearly 2 million, which has made important contributions to promoting the healthy development of the national economy and ensuring and improving people’s livelihood.

   (9) Open up and expand application scenarios.

8) issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, etc    2.

   (2) We will strengthen systematic and integrated design.

   (13) Establish a quality assurance system, strengthen quality and safety supervision from the aspects of construction, survey, design, construction, production and supervision, and improve the construction quality and overall safety performance of parts and components.

   (2) It is an important measure to promote the construction industry to comprehensively improve project quality and quality and effectively stimulate domestic demand    Developing intelligent construction and new building industrialization, replacing traditional construction with component manufacturing and manual masonry with assembly operation can greatly reduce construction errors and human errors, effectively solve common systemic quality problems, reduce maintenance costs in the later stage of construction and prolong the service life of construction.

We will promote the application demonstration of intelligent photovoltaic, strengthen the research and development of advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, processes and equipment, and improve energy efficiency.

Opinions on promoting the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the construction industry (Gan Fu Ting fa ([2020] No.

   (4) Strengthen scientific and technological innovation.

It is a change of the whole process, whole elements and whole system.

Assembly construction can comprehensively improve the quality and performance of housing and enable the people to share the fruits of reform and development.

   (8) Innovate the organization and supervision mode, and improve the fine management level of the construction site based on the basic platform of urban information model (CIM).

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Give play to the demonstration and leading role of leading enterprises, promote the establishment of a number of intelligent construction bases, and cultivate a number of scientific and technological innovation bases such as technological innovation centers and key laboratories.


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