Graduate academic forum held by school of Architectural Engineering

Seven graduate students of 2019 and 2020 participated in the academic forum and made wonderful reports.

The judges made professional comments on the topic reports of the students from the aspects of topic selection, topic innovation, scientific research ability and paper standardization, pointed out the problems or deficiencies in the scientific research process of the students in combination with their own scientific research experience, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions to the students.

The academic forum was presided over by vice president Zhao Yi, and five doctors including Huicun, director of Civil Engineering Department, attended the forum as review experts.

This graduate academic forum is rich in content, which has promoted the academic exchange and integration among graduate students and broadened the academic vision of graduate students.

                              College of Architectural Engineering                              November 9, 2020 picture and text: Liu Xiaoshuang..

Fixing Socket Cross Hole

On November 8, 2021, our institute held the graduate academic forum of the school of architectural engineering.

Graduate academic forum held by school of Architectural Engineering   In order to promote graduate academic exchanges, stimulate academic enthusiasm and create a strong academic atmosphere.


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