Top 10 new Chinese buildings of global concern in 2021

Designers Dong Gong and Ju bin have completed the transformation from architecture to nature and from the past to the modern with the help of the design of new buildings and interior space Perfect transition.

(source: Casablanca Architecture) the walls and floors of the building are made of rock, stone, concrete and other materials, making them perfectly integrated into the surrounding mountain environment.

At the foot of the Jinshanling Great Wall in the north of Beijing, there is a stone that seems to grow out of thin air.

They have been carefully designed for acoustic functions, which can introduce the sound and light in nature to the greatest extent (source: open architecture firm, photographer: Jonathan Leijonhufvud) when there is no performance, people can quietly listen to the sound of birds and insects and the breeze blowing through the bamboo forest, and feel the embrace of nature.

Lianzhou Photography Museum is located in Lianzhou Photography Museum in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, and won the architectural design award of Sanlian humanistic city award.

Yangshuo sugar house hotel is located in the sugar house hotel in Yangshuo, Guangxi.

The railway station adopts glass curtain wall with smooth lines, which is known as the most beautiful “railway station in the forest”.

(source: open architecture firm, photographer: Jonathan Leijonhufvud) the concert hall is composed of two interconnected concrete shells.

It not only retains the feelings of the past years, but also the beauty of modern design.

(source: RIBA official website) 6.

In the old block of the city, the museum is seamlessly connected with the surrounding residential style and social life, becoming a cultural lighthouse in the city.

(source: Yuanji Architects) the facade of the building is the primary color of concrete and the bright silver of galvanized steel plate.

When the light is on, it forms a full moon with the reflection in the water.

The shape is natural and unique.

Many building materials used in the sugar house are “living”, and raw materials such as wood and stone will slowly age with the passage of time.

(source: Official Website of Sanlian Cultural City Award) 5.

This is the valley concert hall, which is rated by the media as one of the “top 10 new buildings in the world to be built in 2021”, a stone singing in the mountains.

It is estimated that the annual power generation can reach 1.1 million kwh, which is equivalent to reducing about 1000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

All the roofs of the railway station use solar photovoltaic panels.

Ma Yansong said: “I think it is possible for the railway station in the city not to pursue grand commemoration, but to have a beautiful environment and comfortable scale, so as to become an urban public space that people are willing to stay and relax?” (source: mad architecture firm, photo: creatimarimages) the new station follows the historical data, restores the old station building 1:1, places the main traffic and commercial functions underground, frees up a lot of public space on the ground, and returns the nature to the citizens and passengers.

In the open courtyard, there is a group of three storey buildings combining the old and the new.

(source: Casablanca Architecture) a round of “hometown moon”, integrating “harmony, perfection and infinity” and “emptiness”.

The shell adopts an inverted conical structure from top to bottom.

(source: Official Website of Sanlian Cultural City Award) many online Red buildings such as pot dish Museum and cellar House Museum have also been built in old Ximen.

The water in the swimming pool defuses part of the heavy.

(source: Official Website of Sanlian Cultural City Award) the new design solves the housing problems of the original 1600 shantytowns, creates new business ecology and other complex functions, and completes the rich and creative practice of large-scale urban renewal.

It is also a sample of industrial building transformation.

(photo source: mad architecture firm, photography: creative images) 2.

the old factories, after being combined with the new buildings, are rejuvenated and connected with the old memories.

(source: archdaily, photographer: Su Shengliang) the design also specially retains the simple industrial sense, such as the old floors polished by hand, the door panels spliced, etc.

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(source: archdaily, photo: Su Shengliang) two rows of industrial trusses extend upward to create a solemn and solemn atmosphere.

The scattered stairs and corridors are open to the paths beside the old street.

The designers have been exploring how to make the new modern buildings convey the ancient cultural spirit.

Taian “hometown month” The auditorium is located in the magnificent natural environment of Mount Tai, with a semicircular skylight on the top.

(source: Yuanji Architects) an open-air U-shaped courtyard with two Ginkgo trees is enclosed on the first floor of the museum.

(photo source: mad architecture firm, photo: creatimarimages) this is also a railway station that can generate electricity.

(source: Casablanca Architecture) 7.

The old Ximen shanty town urban renewal project in Changde, Hunan Province is a model of old city renewal and won the urban innovation award of the first Sanlian humanistic city award in 2021.

The new building is connected with the old house and quietly hides in the city well of the old city.

Reconstruction of old Ximen shanty town in Changde, Hunan.

(picture source: Yuanji Architects) 3.

Among the large hills and boulders surrounded by green plants, a bamboo woven corridor in Yangshuo bamboo forest pavilions won the dezeen awards Award for best small architecture in 2021.

(source: open architecture firm, photographer: Jonathan Leijonhufvud) 4.

This severely damaged and nearly collapsed old sugar factory reposes the life memory of a generation.

——The text is 2500 words in total, and the expected reading time is {4 minutes 1 Jiaxing railway station is a new landmark designed by Ma Yansong, a well-known architectural designer.

There are many huge holes in the valley concert hall.

This building was rated as one of the buildings of arch daily 2021 at the beginning of the year..


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