2021.12.6 latest recruitment information of construction industry

The project is in Chaoshan, and the salary is discussed in detail.

Please add wechat for contact information: 136024876679.

Please call 13723716749 Zhuang Gong.

Accommodation: accommodation, water and electricity are free, meals are paid by individuals at 7 yuan a day, and other companies will bear it.

Recently, I arrived at the post.

Recruit two skilled documenters at the construction site in Foshan, Guangdong, and contact manager Liang 13709644028 13.

The specific job requirements and benefits are as follows: 1.

(2) Construction unit: general contractor    Construction period: 3 years, the project has just started for 4 months.

High quality drinking water project in Shenzhen Guangming New Area: urgently recruit electricians with Guangdong electrician certificate.

[emergency] data supervisor, who can do test data and submit for inspection, with a salary of 8000-11000 yuan / month, and is familiar with the data application process and system standards of housing construction in Sanya City or Hainan Province..


Urgent move: Huizhou Pingtan 60000m2 smart plant project (being excavated at the site) urgently needs a safety supervisor, who is experienced, independent, hardworking, can do materials (later supporting), under the age of 50, including food and accommodation.

The applicant should contact luogong 1508927427620 and Guangdong Daxi decoration design engineering company to hire: 1.

If required, you can arrive at the post immediately.

Contact and Tel.: Qi Sheng 13602397276, Working location: 24, Dianbai District, Maoming City, urgently recruit the data supervisor of sewage treatment plant, with a salary of 12000.


Thank you for your recommendation! 21.

One skilled water conservancy documenter is urgently recruited.

Shenzhen Yongxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

The official account platform is designed to facilitate the needs of both suppliers and buyers.

On June 100001372922186526, due to the needs of the company’s business development, The foundation pit support project of housing construction in Sanya City, Hainan Province is about to start.

In addition, a water conservancy proficient documenter is required to be able to drive.

The project is held in Jiangmen Xinhui, requiring safety, test, quality and special scheme.

The high-level project is in Conghua, Guangzhou.

Be responsible for the budget, monthly report, monthly cost assessment, work efficiency assessment, subcontracting project settlement review and project completion cost assessment of Zhuhai project, and timely provide various data and economic indicators for project construction, Provide relevant data for cost accounting to the financial department, and establish the settlement and filing of project subcontracting.

They don’t have to go to work on Saturdays and Sundays.

Contact telephone: Qin Gong 139266879512.

Job responsibilities: 1.

Wechat 19333534098.


One survey assistant and one construction worker are recruited for Bidao project in Jintan Town, Qingxin District, Qingyuan City.

Contact 1350292903510.

1 survey supervisor.

Urgently recruit the data director of sewage treatment plant with a salary of 12000.

Preferential treatment, if you are the one! Project address: interested parties within Shenzhen City, please contact 136025293825 to recruit a budgeter, Tel.

Statement: all recruitment information of this official account is from the Internet.

Do not close your application and rest time.

The newly opened project of [Shenzhen pile foundation project] is now looking for 10 professional constructors of pile foundation and foundation pit support and 1 professional documenter of pile foundation and foundation pit support.

All disciplines should actively cooperate and coordinate.

The project is in Huiyang District, Huizhou City, including accommodation and treatment interview.

Prepare the project completion settlement report and do a good job in the cost analysis of the completed project.

Salary: 1.

Job requirements: 1.

Recently, I came to the post, wechat 193335340925 and Guangzhou to find two welders, who are required to have welder certificate and be able to do arch work.

The project manager is required to have more than 8 years of public decoration project management experience, under the age of 35, treatment of 1.0-1.5w, and qualification of Constructor Certificate or engineer certificate is preferred.

We sincerely invite friends to seriously identify the authenticity and credibility of the information.

Interested parties please contact Miss Mai, 18925736270 (wechat same number).

Director of housing construction survey, deputy surveyor, project information: the project address is Nansha, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

Wechat is the same number.

Now we are recruiting managers of the project department.

If you are interested, please contact Huang gong16 at 13829919672   Recruitment: 3 experienced water conservancy documenters, (working location: Dongguan) responsible for construction process data and testing, 1 data archiving personnel, strong sense of responsibility, treatment: 8K ~ 14K, contact information: ‭ Xiaopan 18826061572 ‬ (wechat same number) 17   Recruitment of a survey master, with a salary of 16000 for one month and a two-day monthly rest.


The concealed works and economic visa provided by the project department shall be reviewed in time.




Fish in troubled waters.

If you are interested, please call 13714322608 Zheng and send your resume.

Telephone contact of interested parties: 17817723388, PI Shuyou 18   Shenzhen Longsheng project recruits two measured actual salaries, which can be determined according to specific experience.

Puning housing construction project, recruitment of measurement younger brother, salary 4000-5000, including food and accommodation.

U Bar Anchor

The project address is next to Xiaogang subway station, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Project Department of scientific research center of China chemical South Construction Investment Co., Ltd., contact person: Zhao Xian, Tel.: 13802985136.

Recruitment materials: 2 interns.

Be proficient in using Yida and Guanglianda reinforcement, graphics and pricing software, and understand the professional knowledge of bidding.

Work location: niujiaokeng reservoir in Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai (next to Macao), Hengqin Tianhu Hotel Park 2.

Recruitment: Data Clerk (municipal water supply project) (1) has worked on similar projects for more than 1 year, and can cooperate with the data director to collect and classify the data in the construction process And emergency repair project data.

The project is in Jiangmen Xinhui, requiring safety, test, quality and special scheme.

Huizhou Huiyang recruits 4800 elevator drivers to work overtime for 15 hours a month, with regular overtime for 15 days a month, including food and shelter, 1368077163922, recruits a survey supervisor, Jianghe expansion (Jiangmen Heshan, Guangdong) 1372685188823, recruits a skilled data clerk for farmland reconstruction (including being familiar with municipal roads and reservoir blood stasis removal), with favorable treatment.

Contact General Manager Chen: 1357060152419.

Project type: municipal garden project (50 hectares) 3.

The work is easy.



(3) Working location: Guangzhou resident project, including food and housing;   Treatment: Negotiable     (4) Prepare your resume.


Those with driver’s license are required to be hardworking, Work seriously, have a strong sense of responsibility, provide a good learning platform, and those with good understanding can become semi proficient in three or five months.


College degree or above, engineering cost or related major, and more than 3 years of civil engineering or garden and landscape greening work experience.

Contact: Lin Gong: 1382280784.

The platform is not responsible for any adverse consequences arising from the acceptance of the information.

recruits the following positions: graduated intern.

Due to the needs of project expansion, the project department recruits a housing construction safety documenter, who will arrive on January 1, 2022 with preferential treatment.

Constructors over 25 years old and under 50 years old are required to have more than 3 years of rich management experience, with emphasis on constructors of pile foundation, foundation pit and slope support, and civil engineering.

Information finder of Guangzhou Nansha sewage project, four days off every month; 10000 ~ 12000; Tel: 15820213340 (wechat synchronization), do not disturb the rest time 12.

Welfare: telephone subsidy, seniority salary, high temperature subsidy, three-day welfare Paid annual leave, physical examination and birthday allowance 6.


Recruit a number of semi skilled documenters of housing construction plant project, understand the inspection process and apply for inspection in the project process.

The deputy manager of the engineering department is required to have more than five years of management experience in the public dress industry, under the age of 45, treatment of 1.5-1.8w, and qualification of Constructor Certificate or engineer certificate.

Interested parties contact Liang Sheng: 1382694995411.


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