Separated by a bridge in Wuhan, the “hometown of Chinese architecture” should be the “bridgehead” for the development of urbanization!

Therefore, the county put forward the slogan of “Wuhan East · new Tuanfeng”.

Tuanfeng has port resources and depth, and can undertake stone storage, transportation and processing; Develop PC board and process in situ relying on the sand and gravel resources of Dabie Mountain.

“We should give full play to the regional advantages of public rail water intermodal transport, and build Tuanfeng port into a comprehensive port to undertake freight and industrial transfer of surrounding large and medium-sized cities, and an important hub port radiating the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and the hinterland of Dabie Mountain.” he Yonghong introduced that the County has prepared a blueprint for port economic development, completed the industrial layout of 9.9 square kilometers, and improved the collection and distribution channel facilities of the port area, Start the construction of phase I project of comprehensive logistics park in the port area.

Shanhe construction group, which grew up from Tuanfeng, has been among the top 500 Chinese enterprises for five consecutive years.

It is about 20 kilometers away from Huanggang City and only 50 kilometers away from the central urban area of Wuhan.

When it first came to work in Tuanfeng in 2016, there were a lot of arrears in urban construction.

After you came to Tuanfeng, how did you continue to promote reform and innovation? He Yonghong: I always firmly believe that to solve the development problem, we should make good use of the “key move” of reform.

“We should also do a good job in science and Technology Co creation, carry out in-depth county school cooperation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and enhance the driving ability of science and technology.” he Yonghong said that in the next step, the county will rely on the Optics Valley Science and technology innovation corridor to strive to build a Tuanfeng functional area; Produce green, ecological and high-quality agricultural products, pay close attention to supply and sharing, and be a “vegetable basket” and “rice bag” in Wuhan metropolitan area; In terms of cultural tourism Tongxing, accelerate the construction of a number of key projects such as Tuanfeng weipeng Cultural Tourism Health City, attract Wuhan people to “visit Tuanfeng” and “live Tuanfeng”, accelerate their integration into the “greater Wuhan metropolitan area” and “1 + 8 metropolitan area”, and build a “bridgehead” for Wuhan’s urbanization development.

At that time, Huanggang was the first batch.

In view of this situation, we concentrated on adopting EPC mode and introducing high-quality enterprises to participate in the construction.

In terms of investment and financing, Tuanfeng county is small and financially difficult, but we have raised more than 2 billion yuan, which has effectively promoted development by turning resources into assets, assets into funds, funds into projects and projects into benefits.

However, with the increasing requirements of green and environmental protection, how does Tuanfeng construction industry deal with the challenges? During the interview, he Yonghong took out two cards, one is the prefabricated building drawing of honghaochengjin, and the other is the prefabricated bridge drawing of Huichuang heavy industry.

Xiaochi is the first provincial demonstration area for comprehensively deepening reform.

In terms of transportation, the county has negotiated with Xinzhou District to promote the preliminary work of the construction of the 2.5km JuShui River Super Large Bridge, and started the reconstruction project of Tuanfeng section of g347 national highway.

Give priority to the construction of luohuozhou coastline and wharf phase II, start the construction of Jiangbei expressway, Wuhan Xingang Jiangbei railway double track and Tuanfeng river crossing channel as soon as possible, and promote the construction of multimodal integrated logistics center.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin Nail Plate

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it became a well-known commercial port.

Tuanfeng county was founded in 1996.

He Yonghong introduced that in recent years, Tuanfeng has seized opportunities and tapped potential, and achieved remarkable results in transportation and industry.

In recent years, the county has introduced a number of prefabricated building materials enterprises to supplement the shortcomings of relevant technologies and supporting components, forming a relatively complete prefabricated building industry chain, which has been rated as the provincial “green prefabricated building demonstration county”, and Tuanfeng Economic Development Zone has been recognized as the “national prefabricated building industry base” by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

03 seek the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, and Tuanfeng’s construction industry is unique.

For contradictions and disputes arising in the process of development, we have integrated human, financial and material resources in accordance with the idea of “one-stop acceptance and diversified solution”, and built a diversified resolution center of contradictions and disputes in the county, so that the people can reflect their demands of “running only one place and entering only one door”, resolve contradictions “make one door and one government”, open up the “last mile” of contacting and serving the people, and effectively avoid them “Small things delay big things and big things delay explosion”.

The port can dock 5000 ton ships for a long time, which is suitable for 10000 ton fleet formation operation.

Personality Q & A: from one town to one county, the reform does not stop.

The people’s livelihood welfare has established health records for more than 318000 permanent residents of the county.

Accelerate integration into the “greater Wuhan metropolitan area” and “1 + 8 metropolitan area” to create a “bridgehead” for the development of Wuhan’s urbanization.

Our slogan is “Wuhan East · new Tuanfeng”.

In terms of industry, the county has attracted 185 transfer enterprises in Wuhan and surrounding areas, which has contributed to the joint venture between Huali dyeing and Weaving Co., Ltd.

He Yonghong introduced that in the next step, Tuanfeng will vigorously promote the upgrading of the prefabricated construction industry, accelerate the construction of talent team, constantly expand market demand, improve the prefabricated construction industry chain, develop supporting green building materials, and promote the development and growth of the whole industry chain.

01 accelerate integration into the “greater Wuhan metropolitan area”, Tuanfeng is only a bridge from Xinzhou District, Wuhan, and it is only 20 minutes’ drive from Yangluo port.

I always firmly believe that to solve the problem of development, we should make good use of the “key move” of reform.

and Wuhan YUDAHUA textile and Garment Group to establish the first dyeing and finishing intelligent chemical plant in the province.

Tuanfeng built the county for a short time and its economic foundation is weak.

Wuhan Xingang Jiangbei railway project can also be completed by the end of the year.

Moderator: I heard that you worked as party secretary in Xiaochi town of Huangmei.

(Photo by Li Xi, Hubei Daily full media reporter) 02 luohuozhou port area, which promotes the deep integration of “port, industry, park and city”, is an important part of Huanggang port and one of the first 22 operation areas launched by Wuhan Newport.

“The answer is here.

A port economic zone of 48.01 square kilometers is planned, and the construction of a starting area of 21.52 square kilometers is started to develop in coordination with the upstream and downstream ports.

These two types are typical prefabricated buildings with energy conservation and environmental protection, reliable quality and high safety factor.” he Yonghong introduced that the biggest feature of prefabricated buildings is the use of a large number of prefabricated parts, just like “building blocks”, which not only has a very simple and exquisite appearance, but also shortens the construction cycle by half compared with traditional buildings.

He introduced that in the next step, we will do a good job in expanding regional planning, speed up construction and strengthen cooperation.

Today, Tuanfeng is the confluence of the golden waterway of the Yangtze River, Da Guang, Wu He, huang’e expressways, Beijing Kowloon Railway and other transportation trunk lines and aorta.

On November 26, 2021, he Yonghong (right), Secretary of Tuanfeng county Party committee, visited 5g studio of Hubei Daily.

By the end of November, the total cargo throughput had reached 2.76 million tons.

On this issue, we have established the county general hospital, integrated 4 county-level hospitals and 13 township hospitals, and driven 220 village clinics into a whole..

Develop “five materials” trade around the advantages of water transportation and railway in the port area.

Two 5000 ton general berths at the phase I wharf of the port area have been completed and put into use.

Implement the promotion mechanism of “municipal strategy, joint construction of cities and counties and integration of districts and counties”, promote the in-depth cooperation between Tuanfeng port area and Huangzhou class I water transport ports, build a joint inspection center, and promote the in-depth integration of “port, industry, park and city”.

It was called “Wulin” in ancient times.

In history, it was a battleground for strategists.

Moderator: what remarkable achievements has Tuanfeng county made in promoting the reform of the county medical community in recent years? He Yonghong: we have taken the initiative to apply to the province for the pilot reform of the medical community and put medical care, medical insurance and medicine into the “three medical care” system Carry out systematic planning.

The first is to develop steel, exceeding 1 million tons in one to two years; The second is timber, building a timber distribution center in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River; For the development of aluminum materials, aluminum materials are becoming more and more important in the construction industry, and Tuanfeng should plan in advance; Properly develop stone materials, transport high-end stone materials from the port for deep processing.

“Our slogan is’ Wuhan East · new Tuanfeng ‘.” on November 26, he Yonghong, Secretary of Tuanfeng county Party committee, visited the 5g studio of Hubei Daily to talk about how Tuanfeng can give play to its regional advantages, develop characteristic industries, seize opportunities to integrate into greater Wuhan and become a “bridgehead” connecting Eastern Hubei with Wuhan.

Medical reform is the core.

Xiaotuanfeng has gathered more than 200 building materials enterprises, with the total output value ranking the second in counties (cities and districts) of the province and the first in Huanggang City, and won the title of “hometown of Chinese architecture”.


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