[recruitment] 10 real estate / construction / consulting enterprises recruit Project Manager / Business Manager / Cost Manager / Supervisor

First Construction Co., Ltd.

Working years: more than 2 years, experience in cost consulting company is preferred; 3.

Learn to read maps, learn and be familiar with the use of three-dimensional quantity calculation software and pricing software; 3.

and 14:00 ~ 17:30 p.m..

Job requirements: 1.

contact information: 13709699086 Xiao Chaocheng (wechat same number) 4.

At least 1 year related working experience, skilled in operating office software, Guanglianda, Yida and other cost software; 3.

recruitment position: Project Manager II.

4、 Location: No.

Pay the salary of the previous month on the 30th of each month; 4.

Recruitment position: Civil Engineering budgeter 2.

3、 Salary: 1.

Cost engineer: probation period of 1-2 months; Basic salary plus commission, five insurances and one fund (purchased in the month of employment), weekend weekend, paid annual leave, subsidies for class I and II certified cost engineers, professional title subsidies, tourism, physical examination, festival fees and other benefits; Annual salary range: 50000 ~ 300000.

Familiar with market price information and dynamics of building materials industry; 6.

Please understand and verify the job search and recruitment information by yourself.

Job requirements: Cost Engineer: 1.

Job requirements: 1.

Free job search: large and medium-sized real estate, construction units and engineering consulting in Guangdong Province.

The recruitment information of high-quality construction personnel is released free of charge every Monday and Wednesday.

40-60 years old (negotiable), with more than 5 years of working experience in the construction industry and more than 2 years of management experience; 2.

Education: bachelor degree or above, rich work experience, and can be extended to junior college; 2.

salary: 1.

Familiar with policies, regulations and laws related to construction project management; Fully grasp the national policies, regulations and standards on project budget and settlement management; 5.

Foshan branch of China Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Including food and accommodation, five insurances and one fund, telephone fee subsidy, certificate subsidy, high temperature subsidy and other sexual benefits; 3.

College degree or above in construction, with 5 years or more cost working experience; 2.

College degree or above in construction engineering and cost related majors; 2.

It is updated every Monday and Wednesday, and the recruitment and job search information comes from customer entrustment and network.

Contact information: 13679020507 Li Gong (same wechat number) email: 1348686316@qq.com5 I.

At the end of the year, the year-end bonus shall be paid according to the working ability, working time and the company’s benefits; 3.

As long as you have the strength, you can help you find the only one.

Warm tips: 1.

recruitment position: skilled cost controller 2.

Good at communication, principled, professional and responsible, with good team spirit.

contact information: 13825470726   Mr.

of China Construction Fourth Bureau 1.

Guangzhou Pengxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

9500 yuan at the end of each month after 3 years; 2.

(base salary + commission, skilled cost controller) 8500 yuan per month in the first to second years; After two years, the monthly bottom salary is 9000 yuan.

recruitment location: Longmen County, Huizhou v.

The industry-leading salary level is 18000-5000 yuan, and the monthly salary is paid in full and on time;   2.


Complete each learning plan formulated by the company within the specified time (generally the project cases completed by the company, see the screenshot below for details), successfully pass the apprenticeship assessment, and become a cost engineer who can complete the post work independently.

Working hours from Monday to Friday: 8:30 ~ 12:00 a.m.

3、 Salary: Civil Engineering budgeter 3 ~ 6000 yuan / month, with performance / evaluation / settlement and other bonuses, which are discussed in person.

Free recruitment: it covers 20000 cost practitioners and 3000 fresh graduates, and there are always talents preferred by the enterprise.


Be able to calculate and price the project cost skillfully, independently and correctly; 3.

Proficient in industry management experience, rich experience and knowledge in engineering technology and operation, and strong team coordination ability; 3.

Free recruitment, job search and training hotline: Gao: 13246413216 (wechat same number) Liu: 17765275721 (wechat same number) Li: 13246427216 (wechat same number) 1.

Job requirements: technical secondary school or above, manager level of more than 5 years, supervisor level of more than 3 years, interns have no work experience requirements.

3、 Salary: 1.

Huizhou Longmen No.

2 Construction Engineering Company I.

Engineer certificate is preferred.

contact information: Email: 1073909968@qq.com6 1.

4、 Place of work: Foshan Chancheng District project department v.

Plate Rebar Anchor

Recruitment posts: 1.

recruitment position: resident decoration budgeter   (1) II.

1 ~ 2 years of cost experience, unlimited education.

Irregular basketball, football, badminton and other competitive activities and afternoon tea.

Have self-study ability and be good at communication; Understand the company’s management and relevant working systems and guidelines; Master the quota, pricing basis and calculation rules of construction projects; 2.

Have a car driver’s license and be able to drive skillfully.

4、 Work location: Guangdong regional project (Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhanjiang, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Maoming, Shantou, Heyuan) v.

Lin 3.

Requirements: be familiar with quota, and be able to calculate quantity and set price independently by using Guanglianda software.

recruitment position: Budget Manager, budget supervisor, budget apprentice    (10) II.

Dongguan Hezong Engineering Management Co., Ltd.

Several cost engineers (Architecture and decoration, installation, transportation and highway, water conservancy) 2 Fresh graduates or apprentices (Architecture and decoration, installation, transportation and highway, water conservancy) II.

3、 Salary: 30000 yuan / month (basic salary + performance salary), including board and lodging, year-end dividend IV.


The monthly housing subsidy is 400 yuan, and the housing subsidy is calculated according to the actual living days less than one month.

Number of graduates or apprentices: the apprenticeship period is less than 6 months, the pre tax monthly salary is 2000 yuan, five insurances and one fund (five insurances are purchased in the month of employment, and the provident fund is purchased after becoming a regular), weekend double rest, paid annual rest, tourism, physical examination, festival expenses and other benefits; See Item 1 cost engineer for details of salary after passing the apprenticeship assessment.

Zhuhai Delian Consulting Co., Ltd.

  Please forward it to the people around you who need it ~ long press to pay attention to looking for a job, please pay attention to “biyoude”.


Job requirements: 1.

Each statutory Festival has a festival fee of 200 yuan.

Be responsible for tracking and sorting progress payment data, statistics of visa data, collection of economic data, assisting engineers in handling visa change data, etc; 2.

Able to complete the post work independently; Have a certain professional understanding of relevant norms and valuation specifications of bill of quantities in Guangdong Province; 4.


Free talent recommendation: 20-30 cost training talents majoring in civil engineering or installation graduate every month, with independent calculation ability.

Graduates or apprentices: 1.

3、 Salary: 7000-10000 yuan / month (negotiable), five insurances and one fund, including accommodation, holiday benefits, telephone subsidy, high temperature subsidy, performance bonus and cash bonus, etc.

Have strong planning and control ability and dare to take the initiative to take responsibility; 4.

4、 Contact information: 13927706003 Miss Zhou email: 14583715@qq.com2 I.

5, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

The implementation scheme of apprenticeship period is as follows: III.

Work should be serious, responsible, diligent, proactive, have good professional ethics and obey the work arrangement of the company; 4.

Job requirements: 1.


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