The best design of Chinese architecture is accounted for half by the wanghong demonstration area?

How do they know the public’s preferences? ▲ Shaoxing everybody · ZHANJING Manyuan © The younger sister of ZSD Zhuoshi design platform thinks that to judge whether a project is attractive enough, in addition to its own modeling beauty, we need to pay more attention to the combination of real estate projects and regionality.

Corn Magnetic Box

▲ Shenzhen Shimao International Center © Shuishi design | new Chinese style | Chongqing Xiexin · jinglanshan demonstration area jinglanshan project is located in Banan area of Chongqing, which fully inherits the natural characteristics of Chongqing: superior natural resources, and the plot has its own hot spring resources.

With the design theme of “living in the mountains”, the project follows the essence of Chinese traditional architectural design concept and creates a paradise that abandons the noise of the city.

If architectural modeling, materials and regional culture can be organically combined in the design process, they will be recognized by everyone.

On both sides of the water are landscape walls and screens, depicting the continuous mountains and vast rivers and lakes, with great momentum.

The architectural design combines modern technology and traditional culture, and takes “spiral scroll” + “three-dimensional garden” as the core concept.

Click “watching” and “praise” at the end of the article.

They are afraid that they won’t please the public after they take the trouble to do it.

▲ a dazzling display room © When the partners of mindarch Design Institute conceive the online Red real estate project, they often can’t judge the popular project type, but as the saying goes, “diligence can make up for weakness”, the younger sister of Taiwan thinks it’s also a very important design thinking process to see more cases for making popular design!   Collection of real estate net red projects near the end of the text   Why is it always other people’s works that are amazing? The current real estate projects are really big.

However, behind the real estate in the demonstration area, architects often need to spend a lot of effort to create form or space, and can make the architectural shape of “net red” after countless times of drawing modification.

▲ Chongqing Xiexin · jinglanshan © Tianhua design   Don’t know how to find a reference? Look at the information! In fact, if we can look at other people’s project plans, we will have a general idea and understanding of our own text framework, which will also save us a lot of time to find information.

Therefore, Tai Xiaomei still suggests that you take a look at how the latest project modeling is conceived.

▲ Changchun Shimao ice town © In terms of landscape matching, the project mainly complements each other through the matching of waterscape and plants.

▲ Shenzhen Shimao International Center © The skin of the water stone design building adopts a double-layer curtain wall system, the inner performance curtain wall follows the functional layout, and the outer form curtain wall hovers and rises in combination with the cantilever shape, which is very sci-fi.

At 8:15 every day, we will present the latest materials of the design meteorological observatory to you on time.

▲ Changchun Shimao ice town © The site axis of Shanghai Yijing project strictly follows the Confucian etiquette and hierarchical culture, with central axis symmetry, magnificent momentum, brilliance and grandeur.

No matter what style or elements need to be used, the pictures with templates can make people understand and accept ~ ▲ Soviet style simple style ▲ New Tang style ▲ modern simple style.

▲ a dazzling display room © Mindarch’s most novel materials, the most conceptual form and high-priced photography often make the real estate explode before it is opened, and every minute has become the place to punch in and take beautiful photos.

It turned out to be so! Sister Tai, I went through the screen brushing projects that have been particularly popular in the past two years and found that most real estate projects are divided into these types: | traditional national style | Changchun Shimao Lianhua Mountain ice and snow town.

The latest article “never thought: the best design of Chinese architecture is the sales office” has exploded the circle of friends of Architects: the sales office, which was originally used as a leftover material in the residential area, has now become a model exhibition room for a better life.

It shows the hidden and implicit beauty in ancient history and culture, echoing the landscape and forest scene here.

The project is located at the foot of Lianhua Mountain in Jilin Province and the surrounding natural resources are rich.

▲ Chongqing Xiexin · jinglanshan © Tianhua design   Since ancient times, the forms of mountain, water, cloud and moon have cast the Chinese charm of Chongqing from poetry.

Combining the two, we strive to create an exhibition gallery with rich cultural heritage.

We will appear in front of you for the first time.

▲ Chongqing Xiexin · jinglanshan © Tianhua design   The entrance space is linked by the corridor.

As the transition between modern space and natural space, it blends the indoor and outdoor landscape, makes the tree shadow, mountain stone and wind sound become a part of the landscape, and integrates the simplicity of the new Chinese style with the flexibility of nature in the change of light and shadow.

▲ Shenzhen Shimao International Center © The core exhibition space of Shuishi design demonstration area is embedded in the Architectural Center, highlighting the artistic tone of public opening.

▲ Shaoxing everybody · ZHANJING Manyuan © ZSD Zhuoshi designed the “net red” real estate project.

Many people can’t figure out what style is loved by the public.

In the materials, there are not only many high-definition large pictures of the online Red demonstration area, but also experts to explain and comment on them, This has played a great role in our understanding and translation of the project~   Collection of real estate online Red projects in recent years (PDF) 𞓜 from 2015 to 2019, a total of 60 issues and more than 600 online Red cases  | Resource directory 01 – collection of wanghong demonstration area projects 02 – collection of wanghong demonstration area projects – Case Display (I) – Case Display (II) – Case Display (III) – Case Display (IV) – Case Display (V) – collection of wanghong demonstration area projects – Case Display (I) – Case Display (II) – acquisition method.

The landscape terrace rotating with the building constitutes a “three-dimensional garden”, which aims to create an air garden experience and form a continuation of indoor and outdoor temperament.

▲ Changchun Shimao ice town © Shanghai Yijing|   Modern technology | Shenzhen Shimao Shenzhen Hong Kong International Center Demonstration Zone project is located in the eastern CBD of Longgang, Shenzhen.

The project also takes this as the source to create the natural beauty of the project through the change of materials and the reorganization of sequence.


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