Recruitment of construction central enterprises, important posts waiting for you!

In the ranking of engineering construction companies in the global oil and gas industry published by chemical weekly, the group company ranked second.

Have good political quality, moral cultivation and sense of responsibility; 5.

It has enterprise qualifications such as special grade general contracting of construction engineering, grade I general contracting of municipal public engineering, grade I special contracting of Building Decoration Engineering, and its business scope covers 18 provinces, cities In large and medium-sized cities in the autonomous region, the annual construction output value of the company exceeds 6 billion yuan.

The specific requirements are as follows: (1) please log in to the company’s official website (www.cngec.

It is the first batch of comprehensive class a survey units in China.

The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: (1) basic conditions for registration 1.

Sinochem Shuguang Construction Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as the group company) is a large industrial engineering construction enterprise group directly supervised by the SASAC of the state Council, formerly known as the heavy industry design institute and construction company established by the former Ministry of heavy industry in 1953, It is an engineering company with the most complete qualifications, the most complete functions, the most complete business chain and intensive knowledge and technology in the field of industrial engineering in China.

Online registration online registration is implemented for this public recruitment.

Its predecessor was the second survey and Design Institute of the Ministry of chemical industry.

Love the motherland and support the leadership of the Communist Party of China; 3.

According to the needs of business development, the staff of the preparatory group are now publicly recruited for the company and the public.

its office is mainly located in Shanghai.

Complete personnel files.

Candidates shall not sign up for recruitment positions that constitute an avoidance relationship after employment.

It is engaged in geotechnical survey, design, mapping, construction, monitoring It is a comprehensive engineering company with integrated testing services and technical services and products such as general contracting of municipal public works, general contracting of construction engineering, professional contracting of urban and road lighting engineering, professional contracting of foundation and foundation, professional contracting of environmental protection engineering, mine management, ecological restoration, environmental monitoring and testing.

It is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, the first tier city in the Yangtze River Delta.

(2) Recruitment position and number of persons position / position number 1 executive leader of the preparatory group 1 person 2 deputy leader of the preparatory group 2 persons 3 staff of the preparatory group 2 persons (III) post qualification conditions see Annex 1 for specific post qualification conditions.

Chemical industry Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Chemical Engineering Group Co., Ltd., was established in 1950.


Abide by the national constitution and laws, and have no record of violations of laws and disciplines; 4.

Have physical conditions suitable for post requirements; 7.

(4) Recruitment procedure 1.

▲ click the blue words above to pay attention to the recruitment announcement of the preparatory group of Daji construction China Chemical Shuguang Construction Co., Ltd.

China Chemical Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

(proposed name) is a holding subsidiary of chemical industry Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Candidates are limited to one post.

Nationality of the people’s Republic of China; 2.

Lifting Anchor

Those who have received criminal punishment, have been dismissed from public office, are undergoing disciplinary review or are under investigation for suspected violations of law and crime, and those who are not allowed to apply for employment as staff members of state-owned enterprises according to laws shall not apply.

Have the major, education and other conditions required for the specific post; 6.

(proposed name).


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