[2021.11 Construction & recruitment] a new wave of recruitment is coming: you can choose the posts of documenter, surveyor, constructor and

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Contact number: Kuang 15198180161 (wechat same number) Working address: Yibin City 4 documenter recruitment post: River embankment project documenter familiar and semi familiar post requirements: familiar with water conservancy acceptance specifications, practical work, salary: face-to-face discussion contact number: Tang 15309016129 working address: Mianyang An county 5 water conservancy information recruitment post: water recruitment post: water salary: face-to-face discussion contact number: working address: 6 documenter   Recruitment position: water recruitment position: water salary: face-to-face discussion contact number: working address: 7 director, special supervisor Post: recruitment: Post: Post: Salary: Telephone: Company Name: Company Address: 8.

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1 documenter 2 constructors / documenters / surveyors recruitment posts: Several surveyors / documenters recruitment posts: Several constructors / budgeters job requirements: acceptable 0 basic computer skills, interns with masters with salary: 3500, five insurances and one fund, subsidies and bonuses are calculated separately job requirements: semi skilled hands, masters with salary: 4500-6000, five insurances and one fund, subsidies Bonus is calculated separately.

Contact number: 17710711916 (wechat same number) 3 documenter and Cost Clerk Recruitment position: municipal road and Bridge experienced documenter recruitment position: municipal road and Bridge semi skilled documenter recruitment position: cost several salary: face-to-face negotiation, including board and lodging, monthly rest for 4 days.

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