No matter how many floors, architects: there are three types of floors that belong to “golden floors”, which should be known

Generally, many people call the secondary top floor “Phoenix floor”.

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In fact, it can be seen that for different types of people, the golden floor in their eyes is different.

They think that only low floors can have a sense of security.

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Therefore, there is no perfect floor, only the most suitable floor.

Category III: some low floors.

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This kind of floor belongs to the middle floor, which has no disadvantages of low floor and high floor.

If it is a house with 33 floors, it is even the floor between 29 and 32 floors.

So, what are the three types of floors? Let’s have a look.

In other words, these floors may not be the best floors, but at least they are not bad floors.

For example, houses with 6, 7, 8 and 9 floors are very popular with people who like to live in low floors.

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Coupled with the high floor, the lighting and ventilation effect is very good, so generally speaking, the houses on this floor are very comfortable to live in.

Class I: if the floor between 1 / 3 and 2 / 3 of a building is a 33 storey residential building, it is the floor between 10 and 20 floors according to this calculation.

For such floors, the vision is very wide, quiet, privacy is very good, and there is no problem of cold winter and hot summer and water leakage on the top floor.

At the same time, if the elevator fails, it will not be difficult to climb the stairs on the lower floor.

For these floors, many people call them golden floors.

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Conclusion: the above three floors are better floors, and they are also suitable for different types of people.

Because the high-rise residential floors are relatively high, the lighting and ventilation effect of the low-rise is poor, it is difficult for the high-rise to go upstairs and downstairs, and people who are afraid of heights do not like too high floors.

At the same time, it also takes into account some advantages of both.

For houses with 6 ~ 9 floors, these problems can be basically ignored, that is, the daylighting in winter will be affected to a certain extent.

In this regard, the top floor itself is the best choice, but there are too many disadvantages of the top floor house, such as cold winter and hot summer and water leakage, which will directly persuade many people.

The second type of floor: three or four floors below the top floor.

Especially on the first and second floors, we should not only install anti-theft windows, but also tighten the curtains during the day.

For high-rise residential buildings with 33 floors, houses with less than 10 floors also have good floors.

Since there is no negative impact on life, these are better floors for so many high-rise residential buildings.

Just like the “golden mean” in our country’s traditional thought, these middle floors may not have obvious advantages, but at the same time, their disadvantages are not obvious.

Therefore, many young people turn their eyes to the second top floor and the following two or three floors.

However, for today’s high-rise residential buildings with dozens of floors, such as houses with less than 5 floors, there are poor lighting and ventilation effects, serious noise interference, potential safety hazards and so on.

Although going upstairs and downstairs will be much more troublesome than the lower floors, these can be ignored for young people who like the higher floors.

When buying a house, if you don’t know what floor is a high-rise floor, you can give priority to the above three types of floors, and then choose one of them in combination with your own preferences and the actual situation of family members.

In summer, there are still many mosquitoes.

Therefore, for high-rise residential buildings, it is really uncomfortable to live on too low floors.

But for many young people now, they like high-rise houses with good privacy, quiet and broad vision.

Not everyone likes to live on high floors, and some people like lower floors.

They believe that in case of fire accident or natural disaster, the elevator can not be used, and the stairs on the lower floor can also quickly escape downstairs.

After all, the floors are not perfect, so many people like people living in low floor houses and prefer this kind of floor.

Of course, many people don’t agree with this view, because the secondary top floor is too high, and many people who are afraid of heights don’t like such a high floor.

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