Architectural design of the top eight online celebrities in 2021! It’s crazy in dozens of Party A groups!

It is necessary to make an independent and unobtrusive home stay hotel in an environment surrounded by European buildings.

The team has set up multiple courtyards and platforms, which are connected with each other and become multiple shared social spaces.

11 Haijie, Zhoushan · Beijing Super Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd  | The project is located in the northwest of Zhangzhou Bay fishing village.

The whole kindergarten design fully considers everything about children’s life and growth, and divides spaces of different ages of 1.5-3 and 3-6 on the basis of school-age children aged 2-6.

The biggest highlight is the application of arc roof.

The highlight of the project is how to repair the old house and integrate it with the newly-built vassal houses around.

The overall building is coarse to fine, just like the flowers growing on the seashore reef.

The building is transformed into a complex and integrates exhibition space and social space.

The whole building adopts light wood color as the tone, plus a large area of ultra white transparent laminated safety glass to create a pure and quiet space.

Through the embedded bite relationship between two mutually supported building blocks and the core tube, as well as the width height ratio between the building and the core tube, the overall stability and wind resistance of the building structure are enhanced, and a large amount of cost is relatively saved.

The residential architecture | Rehe Valley sky yard · GAD | project is located in Qijia hot spring town, Longhua County, Hebei Province.

In terms of structure, the design team retained the whole structure to the greatest extent, and opened a atrium running through the third floor on its basis, which not only ensured the daylighting of all classrooms, but also saved costs.

The design team needs to transform it on the premise of retaining the main house and maintain the style and texture of the countryside.

PVC Chamfer

Transportation and architecture | Kunming Changshui International Airport · East China General Institute | this can be said to be another landmark building in China.

The design team takes the picture of sailing as the conceptual inspiration, shapes it based on the “sail” in terms of form, and directly extends it to the podium to form a canopy space, which is coherent and smooth as a whole.

The biggest highlight of the design is the integration of structural mechanics and aesthetics.

In 2021, there are numerous architectural design rollover projects.

The following 200 top architectural designs are for your reference and study!    Collection of drawings of top ten construction projects   General data catalogue 01 – Office architectural drawings (10 sets) 02 – transformation architectural drawings (12 sets) 03 – Transportation architectural drawings (3 sets) 04 – education architectural drawings (50 sets) 05 – hotel architectural drawings (7 sets) 06 – commercial architectural drawings (7 sets) 07 – sports architectural drawings (1 set) 08 – cultural architectural drawings (45 sets) 09 – hospital architectural drawings (7 sets) 10 – residential architectural drawings (39 sets) 11 – other architectural drawings (28 sets) office building reconstruction building transportation building education building hotel building commercial building commercial building cultural building hospital building residential building acquisition method.

The design team made use of the height difference of nearly 50m to make the buildings rise up, and combined with the terrain to create four three-dimensional road systems.

Educational architecture | Xiamen Xinmeng Montessori kindergarten · standing wood design | Xinmeng Montessori kindergarten is located by the sea of Xiamen Island, and the original building is in the form of cruise ship.

The biggest highlight of the building is that the overall shape is like a monument canyon.

The foundation of the house was poured with concrete again, the empty bucket wall was carefully excavated, reinforced mortar was poured, and the outer side was reinforced with mesh mortar.

High energy ahead! This project starts with several types of office, transformation, education, commerce, sports, culture and residence, and involves many directions.

Let the traffic transfer seamlessly as much as possible to improve the operation efficiency.

Although it failed to win the bid for various reasons, its degree of innovation is still worthy of our reference.

It is tenacious and increases the recognition at once.

The sightseeing watchtower is 50 meters high and has a construction surface of about 2500 square meters.

Please pay attention.

However, many excellent architectural designs have been born.

Hotel architecture | home stay hotel at No.

Commercial architecture | second prize of Al Ain shopping center competition in the United Arab Emirates · SMA | when this scheme came out, it suddenly surprised many people.

The whole tower body is made of steel structure with glass curtain wall, shaped like panda’s favorite spring bamboo shoots.

The design team adopts the way of de decoration, works hard on the elements of the building itself, and integrates the balcony into the architectural form to form a natural and harmonious building facade.

In addition, circular arc chamfering design is basically adopted in the park to prevent children from being injured by collision.

In terms of functional layout, the departure and arrival passenger moving lines are divided, and the garage originally on the first floor is raised to the side of track 2, so as to make the boundary between the garage and the traffic center clearer, which can be separated and combined.

     ▲ 2021 is one of the ten candidates for ugly buildings.

The whole building is composed of four modules in different forms, which is divided into three floors to create rich spatial forms.

It is committed to building a complex landmark building integrating the group headquarters office, star hotels, fashionable commerce and garden living environment.

Office building | Guangzhou Fengsheng 101 high-rise complex · GWP | project is located next to Lixin Avenue in Zengcheng, Guangzhou.

Cultural architecture | landscape watchtower of Chengdu Panda Base · UDG studio 0 | sightseeing watchtower is located in the core area of Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in the North Lake area of “panda capital”.

The above is only a part of the ten categories of net red architectural drawings sorted out by the director for you.

  A collection of top ten architectural drawings is attached at the end of the paper   Reconstruction and renewal 𞓜 rural house reconstruction in xibang village · China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd  | The project is located in xibang village, Bacheng Town, Kunshan City.

Next, let’s count the designs that have been crazy by Party A.

A simple balcony element not only enriches the transition of the building to nature, but also echoes the distant mountains.

There are the latest top ten ugly buildings in 2021, and then there is what people call “1.32 million sky high reconstruction”.

In addition, when repairing the roof, in order to prevent the large-area roof from affecting the overall rural texture, the team specially adopted the form of folding in three places to dissolve the volume of the large roof.

Another highlight of the project is “fitting the terrain”.

Each floor in the tower adopts the form of Hibiscus, with arc layers overlapping, just like a blooming hibiscus flower, which seems to become the biggest highlight of the indoor space.

The project extends the space of the central terminal area to the maximum extent to meet the planned annual passenger demand of 120 million through the design concept of strengthening the main and weakening the health.

The passive natural ventilation and sunshine effect are increased in the form of perforation, which is very in line with the local climate conditions and provides users with a comfortable and sustainable strategy.

The designer aims to rebuild a place for people to face social experience.

The whole project takes the arch module as the roof and the main element of the building, reinterpreting the elements of traditional Arab architecture.

To this end, the whole design infiltrates social attributes.


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