Fairy fight! Tsinghua Architecture Institute is a little better and won mad!

The same shape and plane shape not only means that love is endless and consistent; It also symbolizes the continuous integration of culture in historical changes.

Today, datajun will enjoy these twelve excellent schemes with you! › » the design scheme of “Qingding Peninsula, continuous context” independently created by the architectural design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Architecture Institute, stood out among the 12 high-rise design schemes submitted by 23 top design institutions at home and abroad and won the first prize.

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Overall design strategy: starting from the macro conditions and based on the in-depth study of basic conditions and cases, make a reasonable scale and land layout for the overall development of the peninsula.

▲ volume generation, combined with the elevation difference of the natural terrain of the base, makes full use of the concave terrain to set up semi underground parking spaces.

Straight Anchor

It is the key node of the main development axis of Zhuhai and the north extension of lovers road.

Around the main site, combined with the architectural form, it is organized in a circular and divergent way, and the elevation difference of micro terrain is used to lift the main building into the air, so as to further highlight the unique urban status and architectural image of cultural landmarks.

The international competition scheme project of Zhuhai Yinkeng Art Center is located on the east coast of Zhuhai.

▲ city analysis, in which, at the macro condition level, closely follow the development strategy formulated by the party and the state, focus on the four key points of culture, people’s livelihood, ecology and opening up, and take Zhuhai’s own development positioning and demand as the guidance, carry out the overall positioning analysis of the peninsula urban design.

Some people even say that “Tsinghua Institute’s plan is to defeat mad with mad’s design style.” (it may defeat magic with magic).

The middle part is used as the connection and transition of display and training functions.

▲ functional zoning design concept: Peninsula planning continues the development concept of people-oriented, emotional city and ecological civilization created by Lovers Road, and strives to build a cultural landmark that truly realizes the recovery of sea, shore and scenery to the people.

Similarly, in order to take into account the characteristics of subtropical climate, in addition to adopting a series of adaptive design for the building body itself, the metal plate and glass curtain wall on the building skin also have concave convex effect in modeling, which can not only shape the shape and texture of the building body, but also become an effective shading measure.

In terms of topology, the classical mathematical model of Mobius ring is selected, which is connected end to end.

Although there is only one winning work, the twelve schemes submitted in this competition are actually very good, and there are many discussions on the Internet.

The overall urban design of Yinkeng Peninsula includes cultural and Art Center (including urban cultural center and theme library), 500 room high-end business hotel and some commercial and transportation facilities.

On the premise of coordinating with the surrounding environment and the height of urban buildings, it creates a flexible, vivid and scattered urban landscape form.

It is an important urban landscape node along the coast of Zhuhai Bay.

& Guangdong urban architectural planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Moreover, mad has almost become the king of traffic in the design circle with this work recently (almost all industry-related we media have pushed it).

› » ›» sunrise Dongsheng mad architectural firm & China Academy of Architectural Sciences ›» ›» the flower of culture, elegant charm and brilliance, China Academy of Architectural Design & Zhuhai Institute of planning and design ›» ›» the combination of mountains and seas, the crown pearl Atkins & Zhuhai Taiji ›» ››» seagulls spread their wings, Dolphin wagging its tail Shenzhen architectural design and Research Institute & objectetritorieslimited › » ›» colorful pearls compete with each other, big pearls and small pearls fall on the jade plate ellumusllc (Yilong design) & Guangzhou Design Institute ›» ›››» urban Taohuayuan architectural Expo Design (Shenzhen company) & ISA (Yixia International Design Group) › » ›» light of Zhuhai, wings of seagulls, Kaida global (Asia) Co., Ltd.

Dynamic and static zoning is carried out on the basis of reasonable planning, while maintaining the close relationship between branches.

The total aboveground scale is 143800 square meters, and the total underground scale is 73 square meters and 1000 square meters.

The focus of this planning is the main building of the cultural center.

The scheme of Tsinghua University is indeed better.

On the east side of the site, supporting commercial functions are set in the coastal area in combination with the landscape to provide more diversified scenes and consumption contents for coastal public activities.

After the announcement of the competition results, many netizens said: Although mad did not win the competition, it was not wronged to lose.

It is an arc basin in the north, facing the sea in the West and the shallow mountain belt of Fenghuang Mountain in the West.

The design is necessary for learning and reference only.

›» ›» splashing water Canada KFS International Architects & Sidi international ›» ›» sea rising moon Holmes Miller & Architectural Design and Research Institute of South China University of technology after reading all the schemes, which do you prefer? Welcome to leave a message and share in the background.

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› » Caiyun zhuxiaodi architectural design (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Reference: thad Tsinghua Architectural Design Institute ID: thad1958360 Library – Jiangnan Yiyu 6jvvqc architecture Japanese ID: adcnews Gude design network https://www.gooood.cn/ Landscape big data · optimization sharing finally, share a high-quality design data to everyone, including 30 pieces of plan data of cultural and sports center.

▲ project analysis: the research on site conditions is carried out from three levels: first, from the perspective of urban scale, focusing on the interface between Bay Road and Beiwan; Second, make full use of the topography of the peninsula basin to organize three-dimensional traffic planning; The third is to analyze the current in Beibu Gulf and reasonably allocate coastline resources.

Among the 12 works submitted by 23 design institutions, the official selected the “emotional Peninsula context inheritance” of Tsinghua Architecture Institute as the bid winning scheme, while the mad scheme “village under the dome”, which had previously blasted the circle of friends, did not win the bid.

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Yinkeng Peninsula (Zhuhai culture and Art Center), Shijingshan and Yeli Island (Zhuhai Grand Theater) are the three major urban public spaces built in Zhuhai in recent years, aiming to highlight Zhuhai’s cultural charm and historical heritage and improve the quality of the city.

The business hotel has 500 rooms, located at the city interface of Haigang Avenue.

On March 23 this year, “Zhuhai Yinkeng Art Center International Competition” announced the final evaluation results.

In addition to the independent underground space in the hotel area, the rest is a social parking lot of about 63000 square meters, which can accommodate the parking demand of about 1500 cars.

At the same time, the circular motor vehicle line in the peninsula is locally organized on the lower floor, and the upper ground space can be completely liberated into a continuous urban slow-moving space.

At the middle and East ends of the main building, the structure is hoisted and cantilevered to form an overhead space on the first floor, which not only opens the sea viewing corridor at the height of many people, but also provides the public with an outdoor gray space for sun and rain shelter.

The overall terrain of Yinkeng peninsula is high in the South and low in the north.

The East and West ends of the main building are respectively provided with a theater and a theme library.

& Zhuhai Architectural Design Institute › » › » Fengfei Jiushi Oubo design (Shenzhen company) & Kefei architectural design consulting (Shanghai) Ltd.


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