2022 campus recruitment announcement of Chengdu Construction Engineering Third Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

Coordinate all departments to carry out special training according to the company’s annual training plan; 3.

It also has first-class general contracting of construction engineering, first-class general contracting of municipal public engineering and second-class general contracting of highway engineering construction, Grade II general contracting qualification for water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, grade I professional contracting qualification for building electromechanical installation engineering, foundation engineering, building decoration engineering, fire-fighting facilities engineering, hoisting equipment installation engineering, waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation engineering, ancient building engineering, urban and road lighting engineering, environmental protection engineering, steel structure engineering, highway pavement engineering Grade II professional contracting qualification for highway subgrade engineering and professional contracting qualification for formwork and scaffold.

Assist in completing the financial revenue and expenditure audit, quarterly major event report, term economic responsibility audit of the main principals of the company’s branches (subsidiaries), assist in writing relevant audit reports, and complete special audit and temporary audit.

Qualifications 1.

Graduates with full-time bachelor degree or above; two   Number of recruits for accounting, financial management and other related majors [welfare] 1.

Be familiar with the professional knowledge of human resource management and have some thinking on the training and development module; 3.

Full time bachelor degree or above; two   Number of recruits for engineering cost, engineering management and other related majors   7、 Work content of safety management (post of project department) is responsible for the work conditions of safety on project site, such as housing construction, municipal administration, road and bridge, installation, etc.

87, Moxiang Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu Tel: 18081171507           028-84444507 contact: Dragon teacher QQ exchange group: 760658376 [focus on us] WeChat construction three construction WeChat official account > details.

Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

[recruitment position] i.

Qualifications 1.

Graduates with full-time bachelor degree or above; 2.

Be responsible for civil engineering technical management of all project departments of the company; 3.

[company profile] Chengdu Construction Engineering Third Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Full time bachelor degree or above, major in human resources management and related; 2.

Qualifications 1.

Number of recruits: 2   4、 Job content of construction management (post of project department): responsible for the on-site construction management of civil engineering, municipal administration, road and bridge, installation, machinery and other projects.

The company was founded in July 1965 and has experienced more than 50 years of trials and hardships.

Number of recruits for civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, installation and other related or similar disciplines   5、 Work content of quality and Technology (post of project department) responsible for the work conditions of project quality and technology.

Collect relevant audit data according to the audit requirements of the internal control system, conduct audit tests on the implementation of the internal control system according to the audit regulations, write relevant audit reports, disclose relevant problems and put forward rectification opinions; 3.

Be familiar with laws and regulations related to human resources management and relevant provisions of national title management; Familiar with certificate management in construction industry.

Be responsible for the management of various certificates of the company; 4.

Be familiar with national financial laws and regulations, policies, internal audit norms and enterprise internal control system.

The company has won more than 110 municipal and above honorary titles such as “national excellent construction enterprise”, “national user satisfaction Enterprise”, “national excellent safety production enterprise”, “national advanced enterprise implementing excellent performance mode”, “national excellent enterprise in quality management group activities”, and created 3 “Luban awards”, “Tianfu Cup”, “Furong Cup” and other provincial There are more than 100 municipal high-quality model projects and more than 120 national, provincial and municipal standardized construction sites.

So far, the total assets of the company exceed 6 billion yuan and the annual construction capacity is about 10 billion yuan.

Cost audit during construction in progress, and feedback on existing problems; 2.

Number of recruits: 2   2、 Work content of project audit post (Organization post): 1.

Recruitment: 1 person   3、 Work content of science and technology quality management post (organ post): 1.

Graduates with full-time bachelor degree or above; two   Number of recruits for safety engineering and other related majors   8、 Work content of project finance (post of project department) responsible for project financial management, accounting and other work conditions 1.

is subordinate to Chengdu Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

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Lifting Loop

It has three system certification of engineering construction organization quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management.

Be able to play a leading role in the collective, and have certain organizational management and interpersonal skills; 5.

Actively complete all kinds of work; 4.


All economic and technical indicators rank at the advanced level of provincial and municipal construction industry.

Be responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of the company’s training; 2.

Full time master degree or above; 2.

Job conditions: 1.

Now, it has obtained 1 national construction method, 14 national utility model patents, 6 invention patents and 70 provincial construction methods, and has participated in the preparation of local standards for many times.

Full time bachelor degree or above, major in audit; 5.

Talent run-up plan: on-the-job training plan + training plan of “Teachers and apprentices” [registration channel] Method 1: resume delivery email: cdjgsj@126.com Method 2: scan QR code and fill in personal information [contact information] contact address: No.

work content of employee development post (organ post) 1.

Civil engineering and other related or similar disciplines; 3.

Graduates with full-time bachelor degree or above; two   Recruitment of civil engineering, architecture and other related majors 2 people 6.

Rich promotion channels: management sequence + professional sequence + project sequence 3.

Participate in the specific work of the enterprise technology center; 5.

Participate in BIM work of the company; 4.

This position needs to work in the project department for 1-2 years.

Be responsible for the title management of the company’s employees.

Be responsible for the review of construction organization design and various special construction schemes of all projects under construction of the company; 2.

The company has more than 1000 employees, including more than 500 professional and technical personnel, more than 110 national registered first-class constructors and more than 300 personnel with medium and senior professional titles.

Work content of cost (post of project department) responsible for the cost of housing construction, municipal administration, road and bridge, installation and other projects 1.

Multi-directional guarantee: basic salary + performance bonus + six insurances and one fund + trade union welfare 2.

Establish and review the rectification tracking account, and strictly control the accuracy and timeliness; 4.

Proficient in office software, with good language and written expression ability; 6.

Be familiar with relevant national laws and regulations and professional knowledge of civil engineering; 4.


Actively complete all kinds of work; 7.

On this basis, with Chengdu and Sichuan as the main battlefields, the company has effectively implemented the “going global” development strategy, covering Chongqing, Fujian, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Hubei, Kenya, Guinea, Gabon and other places in Africa, established a good brand image and won wide praise from the owner and all sectors of society.

The company not only has the ability to independently undertake the general contracting construction of all kinds of “high, large, difficult and new” industrial and civil buildings, but also has rich and mature experience in municipal highway construction, building electromechanical installation, steel structure construction, underground deep foundation pit engineering, building decoration, etc., and gradually formed the main business of building construction Municipal Highway and bridge projects and overseas projects “fly together”, and other businesses such as water conservancy and hydropower, electromechanical installation, decoration, some downstream industries and other businesses support the development of a diversified business system.


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