The training of eight members of Heze construction technical school is in hot registration

Since its establishment for more than 30 years, the school has been committed to all kinds of training in the construction industry.

Heze construction technical school (Heze Lingyun construction vocational secondary vocational school) is a state-run full-time provincial key vocational school with sound school management organization, strong teaching force and complete teaching facilities.

It has been rated as the “top ten training school” in the construction industry of Shandong Province and the advanced unit of on-the-job training and teaching in the construction industry of Shandong Province for many times.

Registration address: Bohai Road, Heze development zone.

Those who are engaged in management work in the field of housing and urban and rural construction or are interested in such work can apply.

It has trained a large number of high-quality and highly skilled talents for the society, and its graduates are all over enterprises and institutions inside and outside the province.

The age must be within 18-60 years old.

Introduction to the eight members: the professional construction management personnel (also known as the eight members) are the key posts in the project management of the construction enterprise.

38 buses and get off at Hejian secondary technical school station..

In recent years, the school has successively become a safety technology assessment base for special construction operators in Heze City, a vocational skills training institution for ex servicemen in Heze City, and a special vocational ability assessment center in Heze City.

558 and Jian Ren [2012] No.

19 documents, the key posts of the construction enterprise must be certified, and they are necessary for bidding and site inspection.

The certificate is widely used in China and can be queried on the official website.

Registration conditions 1.

Provide a copy of my ID card and a 2-inch electronic photo.


Halfen Frimeda

69, [2005] No.

The certificate can be logged into the training center of China Construction Education Association( )The website can be queried.

Contact number: 0530-5723599,     0530-5723899 bus route: take No.

19 and No.

According to the provisions of the national labor law and the Jian ban Biao [2005] No.

They must be verified and complete during bidding, Each construction unit can form its own and complete project department members and bidding Leading Group.


Certificate issuing authority: China Construction Education Association training center contact us        If you want to know more, please add wechat for detailed consultation.


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