Shenzhen Architectural Research Institute Co., Ltd

Be responsible for planning, formulating and implementing the company’s party building and party masses related activity plan, and be responsible for the publicity of the Party committee; 5.

to introduce Shenzhen Academy of Building Sciences Co., Ltd.

Assist in overall planning of human resources development and strategic management, formulate human resources planning scheme, and supervise the implementation of various plans; 2.

According to the recruitment information, youbingjun has reviewed the qualification of the employer and belongs to a formal employer.

Be familiar with the standards and requirements of Party organization construction, and master the requirements of state-owned enterprises for Party construction; 6.

Familiar with the party constitution, party rules and relevant systems and regulations within the party, familiar with the management of mass organizations such as trade unions, and experience in Party Construction of listed companies is preferred; 5.

Good job is done well in this position to meet the needs of all kinds of enterprise employment information release.

Recruitment position (I) deputy director of Party Committee Office (Human Resources Center) (Party building direction) Job Responsibilities 1.

(hereinafter referred to as “Academy of Building Sciences”) )Founded in 1992, its predecessor was Shenzhen Institute of construction science, a scientific research institution, which was transferred to Shenzhen state owned assets system in 2006.

Be responsible for implementing other important matters arranged by superior leaders.

Job requirements 1.

Provide independent and responsible suggestions on human resources, organization and other modules to the company’s decision-making level, and strive to improve the company’s comprehensive management level and control the cost of human resources; 4.

In serious cases, they can call the police to protect their legitimate rights and interests from infringement.

Be familiar with the party’s theory, line, principles and policies and the new ideas, ideas and requirements on comprehensively and strictly administering the party; 4.

Recruitment post (II) post responsibilities of deputy director (human direction) of the Party Committee Office (Human Resources Center): 1.

Be familiar with the relevant knowledge and regulations of Party construction business, and have at least 3 years of management experience in party office department or 5 years of relevant experience in party office; 3.

This official account has provided free information platform for recruitment, updating the latest job recruitment information everyday.

Rubber Recess Former

For free recruitment information, interested parties can contact our liyoubingjun 17322735465 (wechat same number) Shenzhen Academy of Building Sciences Co., Ltd.

In the process of consultation and registration, candidates should identify again.

In recent years, the Academy of construction sciences has successively completed the reform of mixed ownership and joint-stock system, and was listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2017; In 2020, The company was selected as one of the 206 “science and technology reform demonstration enterprises” in China (only 2 in Shenzhen) determined by the state owned enterprise reform leading group office of the State Council.

Be responsible for the implementation, follow-up and reporting of relevant documents, conference spirit and materials of superior party organizations, and promote, guide and inspect the party building work of grass-roots party organizations; 4.

Be responsible for drafting and revising plans and systems related to Party building, and be responsible for the drafting and completion of various summary reports, comprehensive materials, leadership speeches, meeting minutes, meeting proposals, research topics and other documents of the Party committee office; 2.

Assist in dealing with major human resources problems in the company’s management process in time, and guide employees’ career planning; 5.

Adhering to the vision of “looking down on the city and sharing the wonderful life”, the Academy of construction sciences has focused on exploring the new urbanization road with Chinese characteristics for more than 20 years, and has built a green building, community, urban area and city The five in one eco city technical service system of “ecological diagnosis, balanced planning, dynamic implementation, intelligent operation and real-time evaluation” has become a leading organization in the field of technical services for green city development in China.

Assist in establishing and improving human resources management system, and research and design human resources management mode (including the comprehensive construction of recruitment, training, performance, salary, employee development, organizational culture and other systems), and at least be good at and can independently be responsible for the work of three or more human resource management modules, and formulate and improve human resource management system; 3.

Be responsible for organizing the general election of Party organizations, Party committees, democratic life meetings, central group learning and democratic evaluation Party meetings and activities such as discussing party members; 3.

Be responsible for guiding trade unions and other mass teams to carry out various work; 6.

Strong sense of responsibility and principle, good team spirit.

A full member of the Communist Party of China must have working experience in the government or state-owned enterprises, and the title of political engineer is preferred; 2.

If any abnormality is found, please stop immediately and report to our background in time.

Assist the director to carry out relevant work..

Be responsible for the daily work and important affairs of the party office; 7.

Have strong document writing ability and language expression ability, and skillfully use all kinds of office software; 7.


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