The first order of the year in the national construction industry! CSCEC technology issues green renewable corporate bonds

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This is also another major breakthrough after CSCEC technology won the AA + subject credit rating in August 2021 and took the lead in becoming the first green enterprise subject of CSCEC system in September.

This is the first green renewable corporate bond in the national construction industry in 2021 and the first green bond in the capital market of CSCEC.

CSCEC technology is a benchmark “science and reform demonstration enterprise” of the SASAC of the State Council Serving the national green development strategy and beautiful China Construction, all the funds raised this time will be used for the business development of the company’s green industry.

Heavy news today, CSCEC technology successfully issued 300 million yuan of green renewable corporate bonds in Shanghai Stock Exchange, with a coupon rate of 4.3% and a subscription multiple of 1.9 times.

Editor: Liu Hanze proofread: Bian Yifei editor: Guo Junguo source: finance and capital department..


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