Architecture | aerial photography of 20 ancient temples in China. From an angle you have never seen, the terrain is steep and beautiful!

Looking at the Golden Summit of Tayun mountain in Shaanxi, it is like a house on the tip of a needle.

Let’s take a look at the exquisite combination of the uncanny workmanship of nature and the skillful craftsman of man! These 20 ancient temples are placed in the clouds and hung on the cliffs, so beautiful that your legs and feet are soft.

If they accidentally slip, they will fall into the abyss 02.

It corresponds to the ancient poem: dangerous buildings are 100 feet high and stars can be picked by hand..

The temple, which is the furthest from heaven on earth and has been standing for thousands of years, may be the last pure land in the world.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

Now some people still worship.

It is filled with clouds and fog all the year round, The mountain wind howls, but a small temple has been built where it can stand less than 3 square meters.

01 Longtou incense in Bajiao village, Guangxi is surrounded by cliffs hundreds of meters on three sides, and Longtou incense is on the peak tip of more than 50 meters.


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