The first super high-rise building in Henan! New landmark!

Scroll up to browse the full text ↑↑↑ on the morning of December 25, the “first height” of the world meat enterprise, the landmark building of Luohe, and the China Shuanghui headquarters project were witnessed by the leaders of government functional departments and participating units! China Shuanghui headquarters project integrates global design resources, high standard design and high-quality construction, and is constructed in strict accordance with the requirements of Luban Award, the highest honor award for engineering quality in China’s construction industry.

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It is the first super high-rise building in our city.

The total height of the building is 168 meters, with a total of 39 floors.

It is understood that Shuanghui headquarters project is a key project in Henan Province and Luohe City, an important project in Shuanghui’s “14th five year plan” development plan, and a landmark building of industry leading enterprises.


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