November 30 recruitment of building groups

He has about 10 years of construction experience in Shijian and about 8 years of decoration experience, and can jointly review drawings, budget materials and control materials.

I have 8 years of construction management experience and expect a salary of 10000 ~ 12000 bags of food and accommodation.

He will find someone to hand over the work within this week).

For job hunting, find a municipal constructor / Surveyor (surveying part-time constructor) work.

He has worked in large projects such as poly, Pengji and Evergrande.

certificate handling: for national technical engineering certificate, post certificate and other contact telephone number: 13049343313 Wu, Hello everyone, there are more than 4 stone quarries in Guangxi, and works need stones.

Please send the public numbers out of the 432 building groups of the building platform.

I have cooperated with Chen to open a company, the company The company is mainly engaged in pre examination training for construction engineering, professional title evaluation, education promotion, job certificates of various types of work, talent intermediary and qualification of construction enterprises.

Subordinate branches: Gaoming Afu flower and tree farm; Jinli meiduoyan flower and tree farm; Taishan lvyaner flower and tree farm; Taishan duomeiyan flower and tree Co., Ltd.; Jiangmen Quanhui flower and tree farm; Jiangmen Chenghui farm; Enping Meiyan flower and tree farm; Kaiping Shunwang flower and tree farm; Sijiu meiqun’er flower and tree farm; Jiu’An Hongsheng project Wu Xiaohan, manager of Project Management Co., Ltd.

I have done it in total For the two rain and sewage projects, there is no problem in reporting progress, reviewing team quantities, design changes and settlement.

Contact telephone: 15815002759 (yellow worker) Wechat Co., Ltd.

13823352017 president Wu helps send a job recruitment.

Tel.: 13106622213: job hunting in Zhanjiang (constructor / Supervisor) Housing construction, municipal roads and experience Tel: 13106622213: Mr.

Thank you! Hello, everyone.

I can use total station and level gauge (with municipal Constructor Certificate and intermediate surveyor title) to find a municipal work in or around Shantou.

qualification agency of grade II qualification company: construction qualification (general contracting, professional contracting and labor subcontracting) Construction safety production license.

Interested bosses can chat in detail.

he can manage a section of work area alone and ask for a master survey or survey construction job.

You are welcome to consult at any time.

My main business is: (bricklaying / plastering / door and window installation / sidewalk laying / curbstone laying / PVC lawn guardrail installation) and other large and small contractors.

has been established   The company is ready to cooperate with 100 companies.

I hope to find a budget and settlement job for rain and sewage projects in Shenzhen.

I can skillfully use flat water and be familiar with drawings.

Hello, Mr.

I have a group of professional glazed tile teams, and you need glazed tile teams on your construction site.

I am familiar with municipal engineering workflow, drawings, CAD, Excel and other office software.

Architectural design qualification (industrial design, professional design, special design) Official account: Construction Engineer, cost engineer, registered engineer, building certificate, etc.

He hopes to work in Guangdong Province by telephone 15986560789, Huang Gong.

Last name: Wang 15837398770.

Contact number: Zheng Sheng 13631326389, cooperation statement, chaoguang building management level Taiwan Co., Ltd.

River network, old transformation, park construction supporting facilities, roads and bridges and other municipal projects! I have all kinds of technical personnel brought out by myself if necessary! I am relatively familiar with Shenzhen’s market resources.

I have done the repair of municipal roads, small river basins, pump stations and pipe network.

Salary can be discussed in detail by telephone 17796201114.

PVC Chamfer

I have worked in Shenzhen for 12 years.

Feng, Mr.

13049343313 manufacturer direct sales: 3cf certification, one-to-one AB signing and acceptance: quality assurance and affordable price   Fire pump, pipeline pump, sewage pump, multistage pump, fire control cabinet, frequency conversion cabinet, fire pressurization and pressure stabilization equipment, non negative pressure water supply equipment, domestic water supply equipment, complete fire inspection equipment, long shaft deep well fire pump, diesel engine fire pump Tel.: 15068495463 ”: Hello, bosses and bosses.

He graduated from Henan Institute of urban construction in engineering survey technology.

60 excavators are sold at a low price at the construction site.

I am familiar with CAD, quantity calculation software and sville pricing software.

If there is a boss who wants the main surveyor or constructor, please call 1831225496018926362053   Apply for a municipal project manager.

He has working experience in new roads, road reconstruction, rain and sewage diversion, etc.

If you need a boss, please contact 15815071607 Zheng (wechat synchronization)..

He has 8 years of working experience.

and Wanhe Jianmu Engineering Management Co., Ltd., welcomes all relatives and friends to join the cooperation and bid affiliation.

Job application: I am from Chaoshan In Shenzhen, I am looking for a job for the on-site construction of municipal pipe network in Guangdong Province.

Wu Wu at 13049343313 to send me a job application.

Garbage recycling building training, fire detection, third-party fire detection: Guangdong Jian’an fire protection Co., Ltd., welcome consultation and win-win cooperation.

Please contact me 18598057332 Wu.

The excavator operator in Guangdong Province has a salary of 4500, Tel: 18826853179.

Wu, please help me release an application information.

Wu, please help me wind up my job information: I have been engaged in the survey industry for 5 years and ask for a job in Guangdong Province The main surveyor or constructor works conscientiously, responsibly and stably (he is still working on the project in Guangzhou, and has discussed with his boss about the salary.

The general business items of the recruitment cooperation company are: Landscaping Engineering and design; Municipal works; Door to door installation of garden equipment; Landscaping maintenance; Engage in the planting and sales of landscaping seedlings, flowers, bonsai and lawn (limited to branch planting); Engaged in landscape technology consulting; Information consultation (excluding talent intermediary services, securities, futures, insurance, financial business and other restricted items); Sales of garden tools, gardening supplies, craft ceramics, flowers, ornamental fish and etiquette supplies; Mechanical equipment leasing, car leasing and self owned property leasing; Engaged in the cleaning, collection and transportation of urban road domestic waste.

There are more than four (Shenzhen hengcai) major business projects for acquisition and transfer: national various qualifications for housing construction and municipal administration: super grade and grade I.

Thank you: Director, hydropower constructor or an Decoration constructor (can also be used as decoration carpenter and plasterer).

Hello, this is my wechat phone: Mr.

in Guangdong Province, welcomes all relatives and friends to join the cooperation and bid affiliation.

Wu, please help me send a job application information.

(if the operation of the enterprise involves administrative license, it can be operated only after obtaining the administrative license documents.

Salary: Master survey 1.2 and construction 1.5.

Thank you! Wu Xiaohan, general agent and deputy manager of Zhongcheng investment and Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Send a resume.

The price is appropriate.

Welcome all bosses and bosses in the construction industry to cooperate   Dear bosses, if you want to make achievements, come to our company for discussion    If you want to cooperate and open a company, please come to our company   Welcome all companies to chaoguang construction management platform to help you promote performance and cooperation   Address: phase II of tianhuicheng, Gongming District, Shenzhen Tel: 13537739899 Wu Xiaohan cooperates to release 980.

I graduated from college in Engineering cost and have 4 years of on-site budgeting experience in municipal rainwater and sewage pipe network engineering.

You need to contact me.

Please Contact Mr.

I have a construction team to contract all subcontracted projects of Zhanjiang housing construction project and municipal engineering.


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