How much do you know about the certificate of eight members of the construction team?

Fourth, project settlement, and prepare project settlement statement according to the completion data to determine the final cost of the project# (sample) 7.

Introduction to the project by the budgeter: # first, master the management of design budget and construction budget, that is, double calculation management.

Second, contract awarding control, planning and drafting contracts for labor and professional contracting, initiating corresponding contract approval processes, and evaluating the performance of contract awarding.

Brief introduction of materialman project introduction: # mainly responsible for the management of the material Department of the project department under the leadership of the project leader and construction leader, and earnestly implement the ISO9002 quality standard.

Be responsible for the office management of the project.

Third, claim management.

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Collect the original vouchers, measurement vouchers, accounting vouchers, quality certificates and other data of various materials, accurately and timely transmit and feed back according to the degree, bind them into volumes and keep them for special purposes# (sample) 6.

Analyze and assess the economic and technical indicators of material work, and put forward improvement suggestions.

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Cooperate with the construction department to prepare the construction material plan to ensure the material supply on the construction site.

Brief introduction of documenter: # responsible for the collection and management of project data, drawings and other files.

Because the examination of the eight members is relatively simple, and there are more people with certificates, which is equivalent to the work license of technicians in the construction industry.

It is necessary to provide information and evidence collection.

Understand the construction process and image progress, and master the product name, specification, quantity and quality of main materials required.

Project introduction of Safety Officer: # safety administrator is responsible for supervising the safety work at the construction site, inspecting and assessing the implementation of safety responsibilities.

Candidates can choose the Post Examination among the eight members in combination with their actual learning situation and their own interests and hobbies.

If the owner fails to perform or fails to correctly perform the obligations agreed in the contract, resulting in losses to the builder, the Builder shall put forward compensation claims to the owner and draft claim documents.

Be responsible for the management of planning and statistics.

Carry out on-site calibration and measurement of red line pile survey control points together with the construction unit.

Do a good job in economic analysis and the saving and excess of material consumption at each construction point and section, and provide analysis data to the project manager and construction director.

Verification and calibration of measuring instruments.

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Specifically, do a good job in the preparation and comparison of the second calculation, and prepare the increase and decrease budget for the received design changes, technical verification sheets, materials, etc.

These eight personnel are: construction personnel, cost personnel, material personnel, documenter, surveyor, quality inspector, supervisor and safety officer.

Be responsible for timely sorting out and improving baseline review, measurement records and other measurement data# (sample) 8.

Setting out and line inspection shall be done well at all stages and main parts of the whole construction, and work shall be strengthened in reviewing the survey and setting out scheme and guiding and inspecting the survey and setting out to avoid rework.

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There are many types of work in the construction industry, among which the eight key technical posts are the most basic personnel requirements.

The line inspection work shall start from reviewing the survey and setting out scheme, and put forward preventive requirements for the survey and setting out work before the construction of each main stage, so as to truly prevent trouble before it happens.

Closely cooperate with the design and construction, make sufficient preparations in advance, and formulate a practical and feasible survey and setting out scheme synchronized with the construction.

Brief introduction to the Supervisor Project Introduction: # the specification of supervision work includes two aspects: one is the project category, and its scope is determined as various civil engineering, construction engineering, pipeline engineering, equipment installation engineering and decoration engineering; The second is the project construction stage, which is determined as the project construction investment decision-making stage, survey and design bidding and survey and design stage, construction bidding and construction stage (including equipment procurement and manufacturing and project quality warranty)# (sample) 3.

Introduction to the surveyor: before # measurement, you need to understand the design intent, learn and check the drawings; Understand the construction deployment and formulate the survey and setting out scheme.


Participate in the acceptance of divisional and subdivisional works.

Take the initiative in line inspection.

Complete other tasks assigned by the engineering manager# (sample) caution! As an “entry-level” Certificate in the construction industry, the certificate of the eight members of the construction industry is relatively simple, and it is relatively easy to obtain the certificate.

Cooperate with the on-site construction personnel to be responsible for the measurement and receipt of materials on site.

They can also take the examination from your job, the post direction you intend to engage in in in the future and the requirements of the unit! Advantages and disadvantages of eight staff members compared with # constructors advantages: the best development prospect, high salary in the later stage, disadvantages: long working hours, supervisor advantages: relaxed, more free time, more external orders, materialman advantages: high salary, quality personnel advantages: high salary, disadvantages: great responsibility, safety personnel advantages: good development in the later stage, disadvantages: great responsibility, documenter advantages: high salary, disadvantages: miscellaneous things, You need to carefully wish the title of the golden list.

Brief introduction to construction personnel project introduction: # construction personnel solve the relationship between construction organization design and site, supervise and measure on site, prepare construction log, report construction progress, quality, deal with site problems, and are the contact person of project headquarters and construction team# (sample) 2.

At the same time, provide analysis and research materials for safety management, so as to master the safety dynamics, so as to formulate effective measures for each period, predict, predict and prevent the safety work in the construction process, and put forward relevant solutions# (sample) 5.

The following time sister sorted out the project introduction and certificates of the eight members in detail.

Introduction to the project: # measure and analyze the construction project, and report to the stakeholders of the supervision unit, construction enterprise and real estate company# (sample) 4.


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