Compliance management of construction enterprises and prevention of project legal risks

Internal reporting, internal investigation and anti fraud investigation practice 8.

Main compliance requirements of overseas operation of enterprises 2.

Criminal compliance review and criminal risk prevention 7.

Identification, assessment and rectification of criminal compliance risk 6.

How to do well in compliance supervision of construction enterprises (II) theory and practice of criminal compliance management of construction enterprises 1.

Compliance, compliance management and compliance management system 2.

Practical experts help solve the common risk types and problems perplexing construction enterprises, and put forward targeted solutions.

Jurisdiction of criminal cases 2 The subject identification of duty crime..

Overview of compliance management system of construction enterprises 3.

Help construction enterprises with compliance construction, compliance supervision and enterprise transformation and upgrading; Standardize the operation and management, strengthen the implementation of enterprise rules and regulations, improve the comprehensive quality of employees, improve the management level, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, effectively prevent compliance risks and ensure the healthy, steady and sustainable development of enterprises; 2.

Lifting Clutches

03 keynote speaker and course outline (I) construction and practical suggestions on compliance management internal control system of construction enterprises 1.

Bocf Pei [2022] No.

Construction of integrity compliance practice and integrity risk prevention and control system 10 Analysis of typical cases of criminal compliance (III) legal application of overseas operation compliance of Chinese construction enterprises 1.

Legal application principles of overseas operation compliance rules 3.

Charges and penalties often involved in different procedures of criminal compliance 4.

Operation ideas of criminal compliance Operation path 5.

Apply what they have learned to help construction enterprises accelerate the improvement of compliance management ability and establish an integrated management platform of law, compliance, risk and internal control; 3.

Compliance construction and transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises 5 Problems and suggestions on compliance management of construction enterprises 6.

Independent monitor of criminal compliance and non prosecution system of compliance 2.

005 advanced research class on compliance management of construction enterprises, legal risk prevention of projects and fine management of construction contracts ยท invitation letter 01 organizer: 02 course income of training cooperation center of China Society of behavioral law 1.

Design of enterprise criminal compliance framework 3.

Construction of compliance management internal control system of construction enterprises 4.

Key points of criminal complaint and criminal investigation 9.

Solutions to legal application of overseas operation compliance 4 Speaker of several case analysis experts: Wu Rulan, specially invited researcher of Xiamen intermediate people’s court and legal adviser of several large enterprises, focusing on the legal application of criminal cases of employees of construction enterprises in the legal field of real estate and construction project disputes – typical case analysis 1.


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