Strict control of new super high-rise buildings should follow the “Three Laws”

After completion, the rent of this office building will be much higher than the surrounding office buildings, so it will be difficult to rent.

The lifelong responsibility system can be implemented for project quality, but if the decision is wrong, it will have a ‘disastrous’ impact on the society.” Chen Yunfeng said that in order to promote the healthy development of super high-rise buildings, it is necessary to change the mode that local governments mostly promote from feasibility study to project approval.

The 2020 annual review of high-rise buildings issued by the world society for high rise buildings and urban habitat (CTBUH) shows that China has 40% of the world’s high-rise buildings, including 2395 above 150 meters, 823 above 200 meters and 95 above 300 meters.

At the same time, the notice starts from “strictly controlling the building height”, “reasonably determining the building layout” and “deepening the detailed evaluation and demonstration” From the aspects of “strengthening public investment management” and “consolidating decision-making responsibility”, clarify the construction height, layout, demonstration, investment and decision-making responsibilities of super high-rise buildings, and strictly enforce the capital construction procedures, which essentially provides a “guide” for the healthy development of super high-rise buildings in the future.

On the one hand, most areas of China, especially a large number of second and third tier cities, have moderate population and sufficient land supply, and there is no actual need to build super high-rise buildings; on the other hand, super high-rise buildings are basically self-supporting properties.

” Comply with the law of reform of the times – make super high-rise buildings better serve the high-quality development of the city.

Before the planning and approval of super high-rise building projects, the “hearing” must be introduced The system integrates the opinions of the government, industry associations, enterprises, consulting institutions, citizen representatives and other parties to improve the openness and scientificity of decision-making; for super high-rise building projects applied for construction by enterprises, enterprises must provide detailed information such as construction purpose, capital source, target users and operation and maintenance plan to assist relevant departments in decision-making.

In most people’s minds, the number and height of skyscrapers in a city reflect the level of local economic development and the degree of internationalization of the city.

“Apart from the real demand of some cities, the main reason why China can build so many super high-rise buildings is that a few local governments pursue political achievements, blindly build and seek foreign countries,” Chen Yunfeng pointed out, “Local governments have demand, and a few enterprises invest in it, take the construction of super high-rise buildings as a subsidiary condition for land acquisition, and use other income to make up for the losses caused by the construction of super high-rise buildings.” The actual value of super high-rise buildings is to provide a huge amount of activity space between square inches and intensively integrate work and living facilities, so as to greatly improve land use efficiency.

In this regard, Chen Yunfeng said that this was an “excessive interpretation” of the notice He believes that the architectural style is the organic unity of the city’s external image and internal spirit.

Fortunately, otherwise, the building may gradually become a heavy burden on enterprises and a” hidden disease “hindering the healthy development of the city.” recalling this experience, Chen Yunfeng is still worried, “notice” It is proposed that scientific planning, construction and management of super high-rise buildings is a long-term move to promote the high-quality development of the city and a good thing for the country and the people.

In the future, we must clarify the relationship between urban development and buildings, comply with the reform law of the times, follow the law of market supply and demand, grasp the development law of the real estate industry, and strictly control the new super high-rise buildings.

“If the capital construction procedures of super high-rise buildings can be standardized in advance, perhaps the projects I have experienced before will not appear and will not cause a waste of resources.” Chen Yunfeng said, “fundamentally, whether a city or an area wants to build super high-rise buildings depends on the demand of the ‘market’..

Seeing the contents of the document, Chen Yunfeng, Secretary General of the urbanization Management Professional Committee of the Chinese society of Management Sciences and chairman of Beijing YOUPU Network Technology Co., Ltd., has mixed feelings because he has “failed” in super high-rise building projects.

“Skyscraper” is the product of the era of high development of industrialization and reposes people’s imagination of a prosperous metropolis.

Second, on the basis of “pressing and tamping decision-making responsibility”, the “hearing” mode can be introduced.

Chen Yunfeng said that whether to build super high-rise buildings and what kind of super high-rise buildings to build depends on the city It depends on the actual needs of the exhibition.

Rebar Cross Chair

Chen Yunfeng stressed that the notice The biggest significance of the release of the notice is to make the new super high-rise buildings “have rules to follow” at the policy level, end the disorderly construction situation, make the development of super high-rise buildings tend to be standardized and rational, and better serve the high-quality development of the city.

Recently, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the emergency management department issued the notice on strengthening the planning and construction management of super high-rise buildings (hereinafter referred to as the notice), proposing to strictly control the new super high-rise buildings and strengthen the safety management of existing super high-rise buildings.

Building height limit is conducive to building more buildings that meet the requirements of cultural inheritance, function priority, environmental integration, environmental protection and energy conservation, but it does not mean that the construction of super high-rise buildings will be eliminated in the future.

After taking the land, after calculation, Chen Yunfeng found that building this office building is a “loss without profit” business: the cost of taking the land is 10000 yuan / m2, but the construction and installation cost is as high as 16000 yuan / m2, which is more than twice the construction and installation cost of ordinary buildings; What is more surprising is that the operation and maintenance cost of super high-rise buildings is very high.

“The particularity of super high-rise buildings determines the importance of decision-making, evaluation and demonstration.

Follow the law of market supply and demand – whether to build super high-rise buildings depends on the real demand When soliciting opinions, a few people interpreted it as that the state would “suspend” the construction of super high-rise buildings.

The three indicators remain the first in the world.

“Due to the serious imbalance between input and output, the project finally” ran aground “.

First, on the basis of “strictly controlling the building height”, we should pay more attention to the weight of “industry (GDP)”.

Considering the cost factor, the vast majority of real estate enterprises have not developed and built them Setting up super high-rise buildings is the economic driving force.

In 2012, Chen Yunfeng’s enterprise won the bid for a commercial land in Tongzhou District, Beijing, and prepared to build a super high-rise office building with a height of 300 meters and a construction area of 150000 square meters.

Chen Yunfeng said that when the “symbolic” meaning is greater than the actual use, the state proposes to promote high-quality urban development, strictly control the new super high-rise buildings, and curb the wind of blind construction of super high-rise buildings, which is timely and necessary.

“Whether a city needs to build super high-rise buildings or not, the population factor is of course very important, but with the rapid advancement of China’s urbanization, it will be biased to take the population scale as the ‘threshold’ of construction.

Therefore, based on the provisions of the notice, he put forward two points to pay attention to in the specific operation.

Based on this, Chen Yunfeng believes that this “demand” of some local governments and enterprises , it is not the real demand of the market, but the demand of man-made.

Therefore, the construction of super high-rise buildings can not only meet the real needs of local enterprises, but also meet the urban positioning of their international financial center.

This is also the root of the emergence of super high-rise buildings in China in recent years.

In this case, the industrial factor can be used as one of the supplementary measurement standards.” Taking Hong Kong as an example, Chen Yunfeng explained that the reason why Hong Kong can become one of the cities with the largest number of super high-rise buildings is not only because of its large population and the shortage of urban available land, but also its “headquarters economy” Developed, many well-known enterprise headquarters gather here.


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