[drill] Petrochemical village community: carry out 2021 building construction emergency drill

On the premise of ensuring personnel safety, this activity was successfully concluded in the observation of leaders of all parties.

Through the drill, all personnel learned safety protection knowledge.

To achieve the purpose of calm, positive response and self-protection, as well as mastering the methods of escape and improving the ability to respond to emergencies.

On November 5, 2021, Yanziji Petrochemical community of Qixia District, together with Nanjing Min’an emergency rescue center, conducted a fire evacuation drill in g37b block of Yanziji Petrochemical community.

This drill is carried out in order to further strengthen the safety awareness of workers on construction sites in the community, improve the ability of prevention and self rescue, and make all personnel familiar with the escape route in case of emergencies, so as to guide the safe evacuation of personnel in an orderly and rapid manner and ensure the life safety of all personnel in case of fire accidents.

Under the arrangement of the commander, the four phalanxes were carried out in a tense and orderly manner.

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(Wang Yufan) source: Nanjing Safety broadcast Jiangsu emergency rescue and service concern for more information..

The drill site is divided into emergency evacuation group, logistics support group, medical treatment group and emergency rescue group.


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