From green buildings to low-carbon cities, China’s green development leads green and low-carbon development

Among them, Tianjin Tibei Luneng residence and Sanya Shanhaitian apartment have obtained well platinum health building certification.

On September 22 this year, China Green Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Practicing the green and low-carbon development strategy and vigorously developing green and healthy buildings, the construction industry has always been one of the industries with high carbon emissions in China, and the construction operation and invisible carbon emissions have reached about 40% of the national carbon emissions.

Promoting green and low-carbon development and actively responding to climate change are important measures to promote the construction of ecological civilization and ensure people’s happy life.

By initiating the establishment of a low-carbon construction industry alliance and carrying out major scientific and technological research on low-carbon, zero carbon and negative carbon technology, we will participate in the formulation of low-carbon standards and green design standards, build a low-carbon supply chain, promote green construction technologies and standards, deepen the low-carbon and intelligent management operation mode, and promote the iterative upgrading of the whole industrial chain in the direction of low-carbon.

In September 2021, China green hair launched a better life festival nationwide to better meet the people’s needs for a healthy life.

After the completion of the project, the total power generation is expected to be about 28.61 million kwh, It can save 9156 tons of standard coal, reduce emissions of 22821 tons of carbon dioxide, save electricity expenses 18 million 660 thousand yuan, and has good social and economic benefits.

The relevant person in charge of China’s green development low-carbon city industry said, “China green development deeply implements the responsibilities of central enterprises and further integrates health scientific and technological achievements and health service concept into the whole process of project development and construction on the basis of realizing 100% green buildings.” at the 2021 (third) healthy building conference held in July this year, China green development, as one of the organizers, proposed: “Healthy building is the inevitable demand for the upgrading of building products, service consumption and lifestyle in the new era.” condensing green and low-carbon development forces and promoting the development of low-carbon cities is an important carrier for promoting carbon reduction and emission reduction.

The carbon reduction action in the construction field has become a key link for China to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

By the end of September, China green development had obtained 180 green building certifications and 7 healthy community (healthy building) certifications, covering a total area of more than 23.58 million square meters.

Guided by the concept of green driven development, Wawushan will comprehensively build a modern green and low-carbon industrial new city and form a green and low-carbon city demonstration benchmark in the country.

Target and deeply practice “promoting green development and building a beautiful China” From green building to low-carbon city and green lifestyle, integrate the concept of green and low-carbon development into all links of low-carbon city development, walk out of a road of coordinated ecological and economic development with Chinese green development characteristics, and set a model for promoting green and low-carbon development and creating a better life…

In July 2020, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other seven departments jointly issued the action plan for the establishment of green buildings, proposing that by 2022, the proportion of green building area in new urban buildings in that year will reach 70%.

China green development is mainly responsible for green development.

By benchmarking the three green standard systems of China green building standard, well health building standard and LEED, we have comprehensively carried out higher-level green building certification action.

In the green At the low carbon development strategy release summit, China green development, together with China Building Materials Group, China Inspection Group, Guoke holdings, China Construction Technology, China Construction Research Institute, Tsinghua building energy efficiency center, Beijing Green Gold Institute and other units, jointly issued the joint proposal for low carbon building industry chain , said it would give full play to the leading role of the national strategic scientific and technological force, create a collaborative innovation and Incubation Platform for green and low-carbon buildings, comprehensively build a zero carbon Park, zero carbon building and zero carbon city, and serve the construction of an ecological civilization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

As a practitioner, promoter and leader of green and low-carbon production and lifestyle, China green development is committed to building a “chain length” of low-carbon building industry chain To promote the development of low-carbon cities.

Based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept and build a new development pattern, China green development applies the concept of green development and industrial advantages to promote the low-carbon transformation of the construction industry chain, and is committed to building green and healthy buildings.

This is the first integrated application project of photovoltaic power generation and commercial complex in Jinan and an innovative practice of integrating green development with low-carbon cities, green services and green energy in China.

Click the blue word above to pay attention to our environment is people’s livelihood.

Over the years, it has developed and formed an industrial layout for investment in green energy, low-carbon cities, modern service industries and strategic emerging industries.

China Green Development held the first community sports meeting in Jinan, and Jinan leader city was awarded the “National Fitness Characteristic community”, which is also the first “gold operation certification of healthy community” project in China; Yongnian Community College, a cultural community, was established in Haikou and held a series of activities such as healthy running, aiming to convey the concept and lifestyle of healthy life and create a green humanistic space.

At the same time, we will build a roof photovoltaic power generation project of Guihe commercial complex, a leading city.

(hereinafter referred to as “China green development”) held a green and low-carbon development strategy release and industrial cooperation signing summit, jointly issued a low-carbon building industry chain initiative with a number of enterprises, and promoted the formation of a green development mode and lifestyle through an all-round green and low-carbon transformation from building space to living services, Lead green and low-carbon development.

At the same time, this section focuses on “green, low-carbon, health and intelligence”, cooperates with China Academy of Building Sciences and other institutions to build a healthy home product standard system, puts forward a five-dimensional health product system, applies six constant health standards, ten intelligent technologies, ten health supporting facilities and more than 300 health value points, and comprehensively builds a green and healthy home.

China green development actively integrates health services into the building of healthy communities, develops strategic cooperation with many enterprises, and focuses on building healthy communities.

China’s green hair focuses on “dual carbon”.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that we should build beautiful China with sky blue, green land and clear water, so that people can enjoy life in a livable environment and feel the ecological benefits brought by economic development.

In August this year, China Green Development signed a contract with Liyang Economic Development Zone to build a high-quality development center in a place where mountains, rivers and industries are integrated and prospered Wawushan low-carbon city, a low-carbon and dynamic new city that complements high-quality life.

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In Jinan, Shandong Province, China Green Development landed in Jinan science and innovation Industrial Park, focusing on the introduction of big data settlement, power research and clean energy Energy sources, energy storage and other relevant units will build a new highland of science and innovation industry in low-carbon cities.

China green development’s low-carbon city industry sector actively explores healthy building technology, innovatively uses technologies such as ultra-low energy consumption buildings and near zero energy consumption buildings, explores technological innovation in different fields such as century old housing and modern prefabricated buildings, and creates its own healthy housing product system with high standards.


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