Who says that architecture can’t be done on the mountain? The boss will take you to solve the difficult problem (with PPT for site design

Under the requirement of living comfort of low-density houses, the cost of earthwork, slope support, foundation and road engineering shall be reduced as far as possible.

Earthwork analysis parking mode Mountain project we mainly solve the following problems: road traffic, basement parking, fire fighting, earthwork balance, retaining wall maintenance, landscape resource allocation and so on.

one   According to the site conditions, set up front-line landscape house types as much as possible.

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However, due to the particularity of the terrain, mountain buildings often have a better landscape vision and are easier to design characteristics and wind emotion.

The plot is basically an original landform, with high terrain in the northwest and low terrain in the southeast, large fluctuation, and the maximum elevation difference of 56m, with strong natural characteristics of mountains and hills.

A highland in the north of the base has a certain impact on the utilization of landscape resources in the park in the north.

Through sufficient comparative analysis, specific data are used as decision support.

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   The evolution of the site profile scheme of the general layout, the comprehensive utilization of the complex land with multiple gullies, retaining walls and hills in Chongqing Banshan residence, the combination of product segments and topographic values, and the subdivision of platforms to meet the functional requirements.

In the plot of Youshan County, Longhu County, low-density houses are mainly used.

The PPT version of site design and analysis of mountain project is 79.2mb in total.

  two   According to the site conditions, end house types shall be set as much as possible.

There is a gully with a depth of about 16m between the two plots of the project, which is not conducive to dealing with the connection between the plots.

Characteristics of mountain projects: the terrain of mountain projects is complex, the slope is steep and the traffic is difficult to solve.

Strive to build and travel along the mountain, with convenient transportation, minimum filling and excavation, minimum excavation and cutting of the mountain and minimum maintenance cost; At the same time, it can reasonably allocate landscape resources, reasonably distribute products and meet the requirements of plot ratio.

A large area inside the base has a gentle slope, but there are areas with great slope in the South and North, forming a certain number of retaining walls.

In this issue, we will introduce several examples of site design and analysis of mountain projects.


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