A master architect with light breath – MeiDao Heshi + Xize Liwei (with 2.45gb master works atlas, literature and Su model)

She inherited Toyo Ito’s lightness and elegance, and learned the way of observing the surroundings and thinking about reality from Koolhaas.

Sanaa advocates a new modern architectural style.

It is meticulous, lightweight, intuitive and concise, which jointly constructs Sanaa’s architectural design style.

However, when the building is designed as a circle, its characteristics show multidirectionality and openness.

In addition to paying attention to structure and design, Mei island and Xize also turn their attention to the surrounding living communities, the environment and the personal needs of customers.

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She is good at using the elements that ordinary people think are chaotic and building it into a new model.

Xize Liwei is an outstanding representative of architects in the 1970s.

However, from the side, we can see that the exhibition rooms with different area and height ratios are natural lighting, According to the personality of various works, they are arranged in the corresponding space.

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“Generally speaking, I feel that I belong to the generation connecting the past and the future.

The circular without difference between the front and the back is used to promote the smooth passage of people and integrate the building and the street.

In this issue, we will bring you the work analysis, literature and Su model of MeiDao and Xize.

  For the research topic of urban housing, Mei island does not select a specific place.

The architect’s idea of building this building is: the outer facade of the building adopts the circular design of transparent glass, and fully considers the brightness and openness of the top lighting and light court, which is unprecedented so far with “relaxed”, “pleasant” and “convenient” It is a contemporary art museum of basic concepts.

With the continuous award-winning of their cooperation, MeiDao Heshi and Xize Liwei have gradually ranked among the top designers in the world.

The collection of works, literature and Su model of MeiDao Heshi and Xize Liwei are 2.45gb in total.

  In order to avoid the difference from the reality, MeiDao adopts the standard household density of 120 households per hectare and the average building area of 70 m2 per household, so as to meet the current Japanese public housing standards, and recommends five forms of demonstration schemes.

If I have to divide, I feel closer to the younger generation; I prefer to work with young people, which can push anything in any direction.” – Mei Dao and Shi Mei Dao and Shi and nishawa Liwei, as few famous female architects in Japan, MeiDao Heshi has a unique and completely different spatial understanding from his predecessors.

Because there are roads around Kanazawa 21st century art museum on three sides, people can enter the museum from any direction.

Urban housing research Sanaa was established in the 1990s.

The plane of Jinze 21st century art museum is a huge circle, in which many squares and rectangles of different sizes are juxtaposed.

  Kanazawa 21st century art museum is easy-going.

On the contrary, it starts from a series of different understanding angles, assumes a rectangle, studies various surrounding environmental conditions suitable for the construction of collective housing, and focuses on the high household density caused by the building volume, the relationship between collective housing and urban space with rich volume, and their effects Indoor composition system.

When he tacitly matched the contract with MeiDao Heshi, he also had his own unique concept.


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