Su super plug-in! The building model can be generated with one click and can be edited arbitrarily

Click the second icon and select the generated building.

Don’t you try it?   SU   One click building model artifact   Acquisition method.

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You can adjust your favorite building elevation according to your preferences.

The original white model has become a modified shape@ The pinterest plug-in can not only be used to deliberate on the preliminary scheme layout, but also be used as the architectural landscape around the site.

At 8:15 every day, the design meteorological observatory will bring you the latest black technology dry goods knowledge on time © pinterest © Pinterest do you know how to quickly generate street view models? Do you understand the operation of fancy white mold generation? Today, I’d like to introduce an Su super plug-in, which can not only generate various exquisite buildings with one click, but also DIY various building models and components.

For each part of the building components generated, you can learn and refer to its detailed practices, or transform them on this basis.

It is very suitable for deliberating building layout and quickly making analysis drawing models to reduce repeated operations.

Then open the model library and generate it with one click.

Especially for foreign projects, it is particularly convenient to directly generate this model@ Pinterest can also generate various types of architectural white models with one click as the scenery around the site@ There are 19 kinds of building templates, 12 kinds of building models and 7 kinds of building white models in the pinterest model library.

Ringlock Standard Parts

The generated components can be saved as components to reduce repeated operations and improve efficiency.

Let’s see that the model in the model library has been edited.

Click the first icon, you can select the style of the building, and then control the length and direction of the building.

Add a door opening, adjust the chimney position, change the material and adjust the margin.

One click model generation function ETS has its own model library.

You can not only add key points to change the shape of the building, but also modify the direction of key points to change the turning point of the building and the orientation of the gable@ Pinterest edit model details function select the building model, and then click the third icon.

Modify model library template function you can edit and modify the template according to your needs, and then click the save icon.

© Pinterest let’s take a look at the functions of this plug-in.

This plug-in is the enerothtownhousesystem (ETS).

If you want to try more usage, please install one quickly@ Pinterest is such a useful Su artifact.

The models in the model library will also be modified synchronously.

With this function, you can not only modify the model, but also edit the white model in the model library into the shape you want to simplify repeated modeling actions.

You can edit and modify the building material, the number of doors and windows, the margin, and add doors.

We will appear in front of you for the first time.

The automatic disassembly of model components function can disassemble the models in the model library with one click.


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