4000 ping! A number of illegal buildings in Longgang have been demolished!

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Disgusting! Longgang to tea to the stewed tofu to eat “stewed flies” 6.

January 20 Longgang new house transaction data 3.

In the next step, the municipal comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau will take the centralized demolition of violations as an opportunity to further promote the rectification of safety related illegal buildings, so as to ensure the smooth operation of work safety before and after the Spring Festival.

Pay attention and receive red envelopes ↓↓↓ wonderful review of previous periods 1.

Be strict! This is today’s Longgang passenger transport center 7.

In order to further improve the appearance of the urban environment and continuously eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards, Longgang comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau has carried out in-depth rectification actions against illegal buildings of industrial enterprises in recent days, Carry out centralized demolition of all kinds of illegally occupied buildings according to law As of January 20, the law enforcement personnel had fully arranged 23 parks in strict accordance with the work requirements of “finding one place and dismantling one place”.

Come on! Longgang TV station HD TV channel is online! The official account ID:lgt0577 gets more and more information..

Longgang latest announcement! 4.

Under the condition of ensuring the stability of the site, they timely eliminated potential safety hazards, orderly promoted the rectification work, and adopted a “zero tolerance” attitude and an “iron hand” approach, Successfully demolished the illegal area of about 4000 square meters The demolition of illegal buildings effectively cracked down on illegal buildings and curbed the spread of rush construction against the wind.

Example! Longgang, the “top ten” model figure in the community, came out 2.

Heartache! Longgang is burning like this 8.

The number of people doing nucleic acid testing in Longgang has increased sharply! Long queue 5.

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