Wall chart of “ten prohibitions” series on the construction site! Necessary for site safety! Downloadable

The electronic version is obtained in the last 1.

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Editor’s quotation: the “ten no’s” series wall charts on the construction site post warnings for the safety escort of construction workers! Take precautions! The electronic version is attached at the end of the text! (if there is no forwarding routine, you can directly obtain the electronic version) source of the electronic version: the network copyright belongs to the original author.

The “ten prohibitions” on the construction site 2.

The “ten prohibitions” on hoisting on the construction site 5 The concrete operation of the construction site is “ten prohibits” 6, the scaffolding work in the construction site is ten “no” 7, the construction site electrical operation is ten “no” 8, the construction site reinforcement work ten ten is not allowed, 9 dormitory fire safety “ten not allowed” electronic version acquisition mode point + + in the click of the official account name card to enter the engineering 100 code reply key words: ten is not allowed..

The “ten prohibitions” on welding and cutting on the construction site 3.

The “ten prohibitions” on high-altitude operation on the construction site 4.


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