Campus recruitment of Shenzhen Huasen architecture and Engineering Design Consulting Co., Ltd. in 2022

The tutors are all served by the company’s design manager.

With excellent technology, excellent team and good atmosphere, Huasen provides you with practical opportunities.

About the recruitment objects of the University, students from Mainland Colleges and universities graduated in 2022 and 2023, students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas colleges and universities.

Watson is one of the architectural design companies with the largest number of hotel architectural design in China.

You can get systematic course training and experience sharing from the tutors.

You can also listen to the lectures of masters at home and abroad and foreign designers on the same stage PK, and participate in the creative Salon of original schemes and domestic and foreign designers There are more opportunities to study abroad in the international competition.

You just graduated and want to get more skills to upgrade in the company.

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There are more than 100 large-scale residential designs, including Shenzhen OCT Lakeside Garden (Luban Award), Shenzhen Vanke 17 miles (the first prize of national excellent survey and design industry), Shenzhen Vanke urban garden (the national gold prize of national excellent design and the first prize of the Ministry of construction) Watson provides you with room for growth.

Zeng   0755-86126971          MS Ma   0755-86126832   ●   officer   ● about the development platform provided by Huasen   Huasen, the first Sino foreign joint venture architectural design company in China, is the same age as Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and grows together with Shenzhen, with history, precipitation and brand ●   ● Huasen, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Construction Technology Group managed by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, is the fulcrum enterprise of the group in South China, with large platform, high starting point and stable development   Huasen, the “Huangpu Military Academy” in Shenzhen architectural design industry, has cultivated more than 1000 high-end design talents in the past 40 years.

  land   Address: 6 / F, Binhai Zhichuang office building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen   Post   Part 518000   Contact: Ms.

I believe that after the training of Watson college, there is no pressure on the stage ~ CLICK“.

Job requirements and recruitment process ● resume delivery ➠ resume primary selection ➠ interview ➠ written examination ➠ employment signing ●   ● online application is required for all posts   ● the combination of remote video and offline test is adopted   ● generally professional and comprehensive interviews, about 1 ~ 2 rounds   ● determine whether to conduct professional written examination according to the interview situation   Those who have practiced in the company or have excellent results can be employed directly without written examination   Resume delivery ● please send your resume (with recent life photos), transcript and collection of works to the mailbox ● email subject remarks: Major – School – Education – name – expected workplace ● architecture: resume, portfolio and transcript; ● structure & electromechanical: resume and transcript intern treatment   Free shuttle bus and accommodation are available ●   ● internship subsidy is 1600 ~ 2500 yuan / month   ● purchase insurance after employment   ● excellent interns can provide opportunities for employment promotion on campus ●   For specific time and colleges, please pay attention to the official account information of the company’s public number “Hua Sen design”.

The average annual construction area of the project is more than 11 million square meters, and the Shenzhen contemporary art and urban planning exhibition hall (89000 m2, the Third Shenzhen Gold Award for construction drawing preparation quality, the first prize of the 17th Shenzhen excellent engineering survey and design (Architectural Engineering Design), the first prize of the 17th Shenzhen excellent engineering survey and design (structural design), and Huaxia Art Center (the first prize of the Ministry of construction and the National Gold Award for national excellent design) More than 100 hotel management brands with major cooperation in hotel design include world-famous Ruiji, Amy, Sheraton, Hilton, JW Marriott, intercontinental, Shangri La, Hyatt, etc.

  More than 50 super high-rise buildings above 150 meters are designed in Shenzhen Jingji 100 (building height: 441.8m553500 m2, the fourth place of China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou award, ambolis skyscraper award, gold award of China Architectural Design Award (building structure)), Dongguan Minying International Trade Center (the tallest building in Dongguan, building height: 423m, 1078000 m2), Nanjing International Youth Culture Center (the building height is 314m45000m2, the first prize of the 9th National excellent structural design award of China Architectural Society) and other urban landmark buildings.

Watson has a full professional training institution – Watson college.


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