Sharing Construction Scheme – Xiaomi Shenzhen International Headquarters

The minimalist building volume is like a floating magic cube, pregnant with the next generation of Xiaomi products.

The designer hopes to shape a diversified lifestyle with architecture to stimulate thinking and join hands with Xiaomi to create a new intelligent space experience in the new era; While meeting the efficient functional layout, the “Xiaomi” people are influenced and encouraged to create more wonderful next-generation products through space..

The site is located in the junction center of natural ecology and cultural life.

It will form the Lighthouse of Shenzhen Bay – “Xiaomi Cube” with the flagship store of Xiaomi home, which not only highlights Xiaomi’s success and market influence in the past decade, but also represents Xiaomi’s hope for the future.

The LED screen 360 degrees around the building’s four storey podium is a bold collision between logic and emotion, science and technology and life, and imaginatively shows Xiaomi’s ecological chain and Shenzhen’s urban image.

Despite the extremely tight land use, the architect still raised the office lobby to the second floor of the building by raising the first floor, released the space on the first floor to give back to the city, and welcomed consumers from China Resources Vientiane City in the west, Shenzhen Bay Sports Center in the north and Shenzhen talent Park in the East.

Peter Schubert, the chief architect, said: “the architectural inspiration comes from the focus and sense of science and technology brought by Xiaomi brand to the public.

The height setting of the podium adopts a visual progressive strategy to establish a sense of height increase from Shenzhen Bay to Shenzhen talent Park, to Xiaomi base, and finally to China Resources Vientiane city.

The podium is a display of vitality and urban vitality.

The tower vividly outlines the rationality and preciseness of engineers.

The design concept of ‘Xiaomi Magic Cube’ takes the architectural moving line as the criterion, guides the interactive integration of various functional spaces, and embodies the unremitting innovation and cooperation spirit in the brand culture and mission.” The new Xiaomi headquarters and the flagship store of Xiaomi house will be regarded as a landmark, as well as a space for assembly, shopping and creation, and jointly form the Lighthouse of Shenzhen Bay – “Xiaomi Cube”.

The creation and blending of the above three elements make the architecture show a calm and rational engineering aesthetics and magical and colorful urban enthusiasm in the replacement of day and night.

Lifting Anchor

In the architectural design, based on the current situation of the base, the architectural design considers the comparison with the commercial volume height of China Resources Vientiane City in the West.

Building curtain wall decoration and lighting system integrator △ effect drawing of northeast corner of building © Ennead Designer: enneadarchitects LLP project location: scheme status in Shenzhen, Guangdong; construction area of the bid winning / implementation scheme: About 46000 square meters Ennead won the bidding in the international design open competition of Xiaomi group’s Shenzhen International Headquarters, and served as the main architectural designer of the project.

Like the Kongming lamp rising slowly on the horizon, it is light and bright, ignites people’s curiosity, and makes people want to explore the deep mind and mystery behind it.

The whole project is located at the boundary of green space in Shenzhen Bay and at the foot of Nanshan Mountain.

Through the rounded treatment of volume corners and the public space created by overhead on the first floor, combined with Xiaomi home, it highlights the tolerance and diversity of life.

△ manuscript © Renderings of southwest corner of Ennead △ building © The breakthrough and innovation in Ennead facade design is intended to grasp the essence of exhibition and exhibition, stimulate sensory experience, and encourage people to look at the future and unknown with a new perspective and attitude like a brand.

△ concept manuscript © Ennead, like the new logo issued in 2021, Xiaomi has been discussing the “relationship between technology and life”.

Shenzhen international headquarters was born on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi’s establishment, focusing on the organic integration of sense of science and technology and vitality.

The project plot is located in the core area of Houhai financial and business headquarters base and is one of the important urban development cores of Shenzhen.

△ manuscript © Renderings of southeast corner of Ennead △ building © The completion of Ennead Xiaomi Shenzhen International Headquarters, namely “Xiaomi magic cube”, not only has benchmarking significance for Xiaomi itself, but also plays a role in guiding and educating consumers to break away from the established framework and start from the perspective of inventors.

△ aerial view © The total construction area of Ennead international headquarters is about 46000 square meters.


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