Architectural travels 008 | fuchunshan Museum: promising, feasible, tourable and habitable.

The planning and layout of the whole building complex can be said to be an epitome of the planning pattern of Chinese traditional villages.

The alternative of multiple paths is also a common gardening technique in Chinese classical gardens.

In terms of overall planning, the source network is bounded by the water body in the middle, with a large exhibition space in the north.

Promising, feasible, can swim, can live.

Tuyuan network backs the mountain and faces the water.

The roof is the top of the mountain, which is seen as a peak on the side of the ridge.

Wang Shu rebuilt a “mountain” by today’s Fuchun River.

At both ends of the corridor, there is a relatively small square, and the two squares are surrounded by sheet walls of different materials, The paving of different materials and whether there is a roof cover form different space properties.

A undulating roof path leads people to the Zen realm, which provides the possibility for the Modernity of “Mountain Residence”.

Unlike most exhibition buildings, the entrance of fuchunshan Pavilion does not design a huge and magnificent square, but slowly introduces tourists into the building through a winding corridor across the lake.

The “three remotes” in “writing landscape rhymes” are used incisively and vividly again.

The image of the mountain is formed through the tortuous roof, which echoes with the real mountain in the distance, and a group of small buildings are organically scattered by the water in the South.

Lifting Insert

Before and after the three pavilions, inside and outside the mountains, the distance is different.

In this project, by skillfully using a series of existing architectural elements and languages, as well as the analysis and interpretation of Chinese traditional landscape painting, Wang Shu and his team have created rich narrative and experience in landscape and space based on the philosophy of “rebuilding a contemporary Chinese local architecture” and the specific space construction strategy of “landscape view method”.

  swim   Architectural travels 008  |  Fuchunshan Pavilion 01   summary   Fuchunshan Pavilion is the representative work of architectural philosophy and theory of amateur architectural studio.

Source network 02   Photography   Video capture: 33 © Horizon plan © Horizon plan © Horizon plan © thirty-three © thirty-three © thirty-three © thirty-three © thirty-three © thirty-three © thirty-three © thirty-three © thirty-three © three thousand three hundred and three   drawing   Figure source network figure source network figure source network figure source network figure source network architect Season 2 tentative time: 2022.01.10-2022.01.16 * click the picture above to view the study tour recruitment content 2022 winter vacation building software all-round base camp click the picture below to view the course details   swim   Architectural travel notes 008 Fuchun mountain Museum photography horizon plan, 33 visit time  | two thousand and twenty-one point zero seven.

The reappearance of the “mountain” of tuyuan network makes people feel as if they are in an ethereal peach blossom garden.

The map source network is promising, feasible, tourable and habitable.

The endless volume is “Pingyuan”; Winding corridors and winding paths are “far-reaching”; The steepness looking up is “lofty”.

The access to the roof, sometimes the ramp is slow, sometimes the steps are steep, winding, like a garden, like climbing.

The accessible roof of tuyuan network is one of the biggest highlights of the whole building, providing an excellent opportunity to overlook the Fuchun River.


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