CSCEC won the bid for 7.1 billion projects!

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First place in the bid winning information: China construction infrastructure Co., Ltd., China Construction Seventh Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Third Construction Co., Ltd., China Construction Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd., Yunnan Design Institute Group Co., Ltd., China Construction southwest design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Tongji University architectural design and Research Institute (Group) The second place in the consortium of the company: the first Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

congratulations to the bid winner! Did you win the bid? China Railway 21st Bureau recruitment, 400000 annual salary waiting for you! China Railway 21st Bureau Group International Engineering Co., Ltd.

1 sewage treatment plant), with a total length of 9.61km; “Three areas”: the urban built-up areas of Xiaguan, Taihe and Gucheng cover a total of 27.33km2, including 7.25km2 of Xiaguan area, 7.26km2 of Taihe area and 12.82km2 of Gucheng area; The construction content of the project includes 13 projects in five categories: Road Traffic Engineering, rain and sewage diversion and annihilation war, comprehensive river treatment engineering, public service facilities improvement engineering and intelligent construction engineering.

2 water plant, sanitation works Dali 110kV document transmission and transformation power station municipal supporting project, smart city construction project, etc.

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Construction site: Xiaguan, Taihe and Gucheng urban built-up areas in the central urban area of Dali, Dafeng Road (Taihe I Shangguan) and nanganqu (BOLUO river I – sewage plant).

Engineering Construction: all construction works of all bidding projects, including but not limited to new road construction works, road upgrading and reconstruction works, important node reconstruction works, rain and sewage diversion and annihilation war, comprehensive treatment works of Xi’er River, comprehensive treatment works of Jinxing River, parking lot construction, public park green space construction, reclaimed water distribution works, relocation works of No.

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The construction scope of the EPC project of the municipal infrastructure construction project in the 14th five year plan for urban renewal in the central urban area of Dali is “two lines and three areas”: “two lines”: Dafeng Road (Taihe Shangguan), with a total length of 43km; South trunk canal (BOLUO River – No.

☟☟☟ the planned static investment is 7141.04 million yuan, including 5653.3377 million yuan of construction and installation engineering cost (including 1999694400 yuan of road traffic engineering, 1421.071 million yuan of rain and sewage diversion and annihilation war, 447.0784 million yuan of River comprehensive treatment engineering, 16002883 million yuan of public service facilities improvement engineering and 185269500 yuan of intelligent Construction Engineering), 958.7364 million yuan of other engineering construction costs, The basic reserve fund is 528965900 yuan.

of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, the third place in the consortium of China Machinery International Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.: the consortium of China Communications Engineering Bureau Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Chongqing Jiexu Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin municipal engineering design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

The company is directly subordinate to China Railway 21st Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

and is now recruiting professionals for some posts.

is a wholly-owned three-level subsidiary of China Railway Construction Corporation.

Recruitment position: Chief Engineer of the project, with an annual salary of 300000-400000 yuan; The (deputy) director of the project engineering technology department and the (deputy) director of the project finance department, with an annual salary of 200000-300000 yuan; Project survey (deputy) director and survey engineer, with an annual salary of 200000-300000 yuan.


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