Two illegal buildings in Pingxiang community privately built “castles in the air” and sunshine house! Be dismantled

Recently, Anyuan town has concentrated on the rectification of many illegal land occupation and illegal construction activities under its jurisdiction, which has achieved a good effect of cracking down on one place, deterring one place and educating one party, and created a strong momentum of preventing, controlling and dismantling violations.

In order to further standardize the order of land use and housing construction in the whole town, we will resolutely curb and crack down on illegal land use and illegal construction.

Source: This is red Anyuan..

Demolish the illegal expansion houses in Xingye Yuefu community, demolish the illegal sunshine houses in triumph Shangri community and crack down on the “two violations” construction in Anyuan power plant.

Lifting Anchor

In the next step, Anyuan town will continue to maintain the high-pressure situation of rectifying the “two violations”, strengthen the crackdown, continue to strengthen the “two violations” inspection, and achieve early detection, early prevention and early treatment.

We will resolutely crack down on the new “two violations”, so as to strike at the outcrops and dismantle the unearthed ones, so as to create a new good atmosphere for the control of “two violations”.


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