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The highest viewing platform of Guangzhou tower is located at the waist of the antenna tower.

At ordinary times, tourists can hardly feel the swing on the top of the tower in Guangzhou.

Course arrangement 09:40-10:00 sign in at the designated place at 10:00-11:00 for the Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition “the same boat in Pearl River” 11: 20-11:50 climb the tower and watch the tower 12:10-13:00 enjoy lunch and supplement energy 13:30-14:30 visit the popular science exhibition hall 14:30-16:00 “damper” maker class 16:00-16:20 summarize and speak enthusiastically on the same day 16:40-17:00 issue a research certificate and take a group photo as a souvenir of Guangzhou tower.

However, the final swing of Guangzhou tower is only 1.2m.

The steel pipes on different sides expand and contract along their respective inclined directions, and the changes are inconsistent, resulting in torsion of the tower as a whole.

Is the Guangzhou tower a tower or a skyscraper? The answer is tower! According to experts, Guangzhou tower is a tower mast structure.

The top of the tower is like flat ground.

What can children gain? Strengthen children’s enthusiasm and understanding of the city they live in, find out the extraordinary things around them, explore in groups, promote children’s communication, boldly express their opinions, experience the impact of scientific and technological progress on people’s life, study the application of modern scientific and technological means in the field of architecture, enrich children’s mechanical knowledge, improve their insight and creativity, and climb the tower and look far, The highest point of the city overlooks the Pearl River and the panoramic view of Guangzhou, Feel the unique charm of Yangcheng, visit Guangzhou tower, see the real ultra-high building damper, understand the damping principle, use the robot kit to build a damper for your building works, rethink your works under the guidance of the teacher, and adjust the more satisfactory effect.

It is understood that the highest automatic air quality monitoring station in China is located here.

What’s the secret of Guangzhou tower?     Located at the intersection of the new central axis of Guangzhou City and the Pearl River landscape axis, facing Haixinsha island and the Pearl River new town across the river, the Guangzhou tower is 600 meters high, including the main tower 450 meters high and the antenna mast 150 meters high.

Is it true that the Guangzhou tower will move? Really! Guangzhou tower will not only turn itself, but also turn 45 ° from bottom to top! Every morning, the sun shines on the Guangzhou tower.

As a result, the huge steel structure began to rotate with the sun to its limit.

Have you ever thought about exploring the beauty secret of TA? This time, let’s go into Guangzhou landmarks and explore the scientific and technological mysteries of Chinese modern architecture.

Flat End Socket Cross Pin

If the height of the tower is added, the actual height of the viewing platform is about 540M, which is also the highest point that tourists can reach.

The temperature on the sunny side is high and the temperature on the cloudy side is low.

How many meters is the highest point reached by tourists? Answer 540 meters.

Everyone laments the beauty of TA.

Guangzhou tower, because of its unique design and shape, complements the Pearl River and becomes a beautiful landscape on the new central axis.

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At the top of Guangzhou, a tower touches the city, with a slender waist and a Yingying grip.

According to the requirements of tower mast structure, the allowable swing at the top of a 600m high tower is 3M.

As the temperature slowly decreases, turn it counterclockwise and return to its original position in the evening.

With the status of the first sightseeing tower in China and the third sightseeing tower in the world, it shows the world the vision and spirit of taking off Guangzhou, challenging itself and facing the world.


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