[Lancang Recruitment] Lancang Xinghua Construction Engineering Co., Ltd



Assist finance in cost accounting.





Be familiar with the drawings, participate in the joint review of the drawings, raise problems, and be responsible for the remaining problems.

Prepare the monthly project progress budget and material adjustment (according to the market price provided by the materialman or the actual price provided by the finance department) and timely report to the relevant departments for approval.

Review the project progress budget of subcontracting and labor level (the technician approves the project quantity).

Prepare the general plan of materials for each project, including the specification, model and material of materials.

Timely adjust the budget according to the site design change and visa.

In the material master plan, the main materials shall be prepared by the department and the consumables shall be prepared according to the project.

Be responsible for preparing the construction drawing budget, settlement and material analysis of the project, and preparing and reviewing the settlement of project subcontracting and labor level.


Scaffolding Walk Boards

Enterprise introduction Project cost recruiters: 1 person salary: 6000 yuan – 8000 yuan welfare: weekend weekend, 8-hour working system, meal allowance, housing allowance, year-end bonus, free shuttle bus project cost officer job tasks: 1.

Master the accurate market price and budget price, and timely adjust the budget and settlement.

Timely provide prices for the work content of each labor level as the basis for decision-making.

Contact person: work address 1: Yunnan Pu’er Lancang Lancang Xinghua Construction Engineering Co., Ltd


Resume registration and free recruitment of Lancang Xinghua Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Participate in the preparation of bidding documents, bidding documents and contract review, collect the cost data of each project, and provide the basis for bidding.


In the project bidding stage, timely and accurately make the budget and provide the quotation basis.


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