It’s by Shifeng river! The new landmark of the rooftop is coming, and the building shape has begun to take shape!

The construction content includes library, cultural center (including hehe Library), Grand Theater, urban planning exhibition hall, culture and commerce, office, underground parking lot, auxiliary function room and other related supporting facilities.

The cultural center project in shifengxi Nan’an county is a provincial key project, a provincial and municipal magistrate project, a provincial and municipal “4 + 1” project and a provincial “six hundred billion” industrial investment project.

The total investment is about 826 million yuan and the planned land area is 50007 square meters (75 mu), The total construction area is about 125200 square meters.

Double Ended Ferrule

The UFO roof of the rooftop landmark building – cultural center has begun to take shape, and the future can be expected.

Source: Chang said 108 rooftop site was “watching” and told more rooftop people ↓↓..

It is one of the “six centers” of the county and an aircraft carrier complex project integrating culture, commerce and office.


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