Shandong Winter Olympic Games construction site shutdown news

In order to achieve carbon neutralization and meet the standard, the central government has decided to shut down all heavy industrial enterprises in the heavily polluted areas in the above three regions before January 1, 2022.

However, the authenticity of the news has yet to be verified, which shall be subject to the notice published on the government website.


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It should be noted that the above news has not been confirmed, but according to the previous large-scale games, in order to improve the environment, construction sites with dust and enterprises with serious pollution will stop work in advance.

The suspension time of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games starts from January 1, 2022, that is, new year’s day, and ends on March 8 (Monday) women’s day.

According to the online news of the shutdown scope of 2022 Winter Olympic Games, according to the statistics of the Ministry of environmental protection, serious air pollution has occurred in many places such as North China, Huaibei and West China.

In general, the official website of the latest shutdown notice for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games has not been released.

It may include iron and steel enterprises, metallurgical industry, machinery, energy (including electricity, oil, natural gas, etc.), chemistry, materials (cement, ceramic tiles) and other industries.

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For example, in mid November, Heze City, Zibo City, Zaozhuang City, Linyi City, Liaocheng City and Jining City all issued orange early warning of heavy pollution weather, and the construction sites that may not meet the standard will face the risk of shutdown for further promoting the comprehensive treatment of secondary response dust pollution.

For example, Zhengzhou started level II response measures for heavily polluted weather at 8:00 on November 24, and the lifting time will be notified separately.

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Cities that may need to stop production are heavy industrial areas, such as Tangshan, Shijiazhuang, Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Tianjin, Jinan, Weihai and Weifang in Shandong, Taiyuan, Datong and Changzhi in Shanxi, Luoyang and Zhengzhou in Henan.

2、 Which cities will be closed for 2022 Winter Olympics? It is understood that if the Winter Olympic Games are to be discontinued, it may involve North China, Huaibei and West China.

Up to now, several national authoritative websites, Beijing municipal government websites and Hebei Zhangjiakou government websites have not issued the suspension notice of 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

But recently, an online news about the suspension of the Winter Olympic Games has been widely spread on the Internet and attracted the attention of many people.

3、 Will Shandong shut down the 2022 Winter Olympics? The Shandong Winter Olympic Games may be suspended, but the cities involved may be more seriously polluted, and the suspension will not be carried out uniformly in the whole province.

Thank you for the latest suspension notice of 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

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If the shutdown is to be carried out, it may involve North China, Huaibei, West China and other places, with emphasis on heavy industry areas…

The following Xiaobian brings the online suspension notice of the Winter Olympic Games as follows: 1.

According to the time of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, it is also held within this time, starting from February 4 and ending on February 20.


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