[architecture can be read] how much do you know about this century old building on Wukang road?

Its purpose is to “carry forward learning, popularize culture and improve society”, He often held activities at No.

Wukang road is a small road full of strong Shanghai style culture.

The small building where the tourism consulting center is located, Huangxing old house, also has its own story, which is worth stopping by tourists to watch and understand in depth.

The North facade is composed of Taishan face brick and external wall plastering.

With the continuous growth of building life, its value will become more and more precious.

After liberation, No.

Today, this old building, which silently records the courageous struggle of the revolutionary ancestors, has been partially transformed into Wukang Road Tourism Consulting Center and Xuhui District Old House Art Center for tourists to visit..

Architectural story of Huang Xing’s old residence in 1916, Huang Xing, a Chinese bourgeois democratic revolutionary, once lived in the apartment on Wukang road.

393 Wukang road has been built for many times, which is quite different from the original appearance.

At the beginning of its establishment, nanfa historical photo world society aims to spread the advanced western culture to the Chinese people.

On February 17, they went from Hong Kong to Shanghai at the Soong Ching Ling luncheon, accompanied by Cai Yuanpei, Yang Xingfo, Lin Yutang, Lu Xun, yiluosheng, etc.

After Huang Xing’s death, the Huang Xing family moved away, the house was recovered by the government and soon allocated to the world society.

The repair of Huangxing old house is over 100 years old.

It was first built in 1912 and then expanded.

The brown tiles on the facade are made into rhythmic patterns, and the simple and abstract reliefs make the tall and straight appearance of the building less dull.

The building facade is set off with light colored horizontal and straight lines with large volume fair faced concrete blocks, with more relief and decorative moldings.

It is a long life for a building.

Bernard Shaw left that poetic praise after only a short stay in Shanghai: “When you enter here, people who can’t write poetry want to write poetry, and people who can’t draw want to draw.”.

393 Wukang Road) and met Mei Lanfang, ye gongchuo, Zhang Xinhai and their wives Han Xiangmei, Shao Xunmei and Tang Ying at the reception of the Chinese Pen Club to deliver a humorous speech.

Sun Yat Sen, Huang Xing and others took a group photo.

a Maoting was built in the southwest corner, with a quiet and elegant environment.

From Wu Kang Ting, overlooking the whole block, the Wutong is thickly thick, the old villa is connected to the film, and the tiger windows on the roof are like a pair of fairy eyes.

The original North facade of the building can be identified from the existing historical photos.

The new wood used for the repair and reinforcement of roof wood components is the same as the original pine wood.

393 Wukang road was announced as a cultural relics protection unit in Shanghai by the Shanghai Municipal People’s government.

It is one of the representative works of decorative art school in modern small apartment buildings in Shanghai.

393, Wukang Road), attracting many Chinese and Western celebrities and writers to visit, from Xu Guangqi, a scientist in the Ming Dynasty known as “the first person in cultural exchanges between China and the west”, to the “world society” to promote cultural exchanges between China and the West , circle C of Xuhui culture, which embraces all rivers, has always stood at the forefront of the times.

The facade of the building along the street is in a stepped geometric shape, which produces a fashionable visual effect through the comparison of materials and vertical and horizontal moldings.

Steel Chamfer

In 1933, British literary giant Bernard Shaw and his wife traveled around the world on the “British Queen” ship of Changxing company.

The interior decoration of the building is exquisite and elegant.

This part is the entrance of Wukang Road Tourism Consulting Center and old house art center in Xuhui District, which can be visited by tourists in depth.

At 2 p.m, He went to the world club on fukaisen Road (now No.

Although he only lived for less than four months, during this period, Sun Yat Sen visited here twice and took a group photo with Huang Xing.

In that year, the south of the building was a garden covering an area of 4 mu, planted with green pines and cypresses, covered with shade, Xiangfei bamboo, Magnolia, wisteria, etc.

The indoor stairs are curved, the steps are mostly granite, equipped with decorative art style railings, and the floor is paved with flower tiles.

Mosaic decals are on the lobby floor, and the iron bars of the stair handrails are carved like the wings of the Phoenix in the Chinese painting.

Between the second and third floors of the south facade of the building, there are arched colored cement balconies, which are supported by thick corbels on the left and right, with a certain degree of decoration.

Just one street away from wukangting, there is also a Wukang Road Tourism Consulting Center to provide services for tourists who come here.

The bedroom adopts Liu’an Muluo mat pattern floor, the interior wall is protected by teak, and the ceiling flat top is decorated with gypsum moldings.

On April 4, 2014, No.

393, Wukang Road, is a British classical garden residence, covering an area of 740 square meters.

After returning to China, Huang Xing devoted himself to the revolutionary cause with great enthusiasm, worked day and night, and died here in the same year.

Among them, the foundation of the wall foot is made of granite, and the symmetrical open-air steps are made of marble.

The external wall plastering is divided into white and gray colors, cement plastered plinth, and the material of the south facade shall be dry sticky cobblestone wall.

The building facades of the North Building and the south building have become the focus of repair and protection.

393, fukaisen Road (now No.

The expanded part of the building was built in 1933 and adopts the style of decorative art school.

Huangxing’s old British classical garden residence, South Building, No.

According to the original historical photos, it can be seen that the facade has elements of British rural architecture.

In the process of nearly 70 years of use, it has been repaired for many times, and the last repair was in 2020.

During the repair process, the problems of aging doors and windows, inconvenient opening and closing, paint falling off, local water seepage of the original roof and so on were also solved.

According to Article 21 of the law on the protection of cultural relics and Article 3 of the measures for the administration of cultural relics protection projects issued by the Ministry of culture, the north elevation of the existing buildings puts forward the key protection contents and requirements: the repair project of immovable cultural relics must “abide by the principle of not changing the original state of cultural relics”, and the facade, structural system Basic plane space pattern and distinctive interior decoration.

According to historical data, the Taishan brick wall covered with paint on the first floor of the North facade has been restored.

The details of the building are richer.


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