A waste building in Wuhai has this use!

Article 1132 the successors shall negotiate in the spirit of mutual understanding and accommodation, harmony and unity Manage the problem of inheritance.

(the old brick yard before reconstruction) Wuhai youth social training and research tour base will be built in the whole area in the future.

The base plans a quality development training center area, children’s challenge training area, science and technology experience area, environmental protection and safety education area, national defense, patriotism and legal education Park, family education and living area, public welfare education and field survival training area, etc.

(no picture has been built inside the building) Wuhai youth social training base is mainly engaged in comprehensive quality practice training and research education training.

and refers to the seven systems of learning, thinking, expansion, behavior, training, life and survival It is a brand-new, dynamic and core competitive social practice education and training platform for comprehensive quality development training based on the artistic thought of guidance, research and learning education and the thought of parallel education.

The time, method and share of the division of the estate shall be determined by the heirs through consultation; If consultation fails, a people’s mediation committee may mediate or bring a lawsuit to a people’s court..

The target market is mainly institutional schools, institutions, enterprises and social organizations.

Today, let’s take a look with our reporters! The video is better.

(location diagram) Wuhai youth social training base is close to Wuhai Lake in the west, National Highway 110 in the East and the Yellow River Bridge from Wuda to Hainan in the south.

This building used to be a waste brick kiln.

At the time of our interview, the overall project was still under construction.

Are you looking forward to such an interesting place? Click on name card to pay attention to Wuhai’s official account.

The base is located in and around two office buildings and ancillary facilities of the original reeducation through labor center, a brick kiln, brick making equipment and other supporting facilities, It covers an area of about 47000 square meters (70 mu).

Buildings painted with blue sky and white clouds on the road from Haibowan to Wuda, there is such a building, which is painted with unique blue sky and white clouds, which is very conspicuous.

According to the project planning, it is preliminarily estimated that the investment is about 100 million yuan, which will be constructed by stages and can provide jobs for 80-100 people.

Ma Chunru, project leader of 0102 (graffiti outside the city wall), told reporters: *** After the base is completed, it will provide professional venues for outdoor development training and social practice activities for teenagers in the city, improve their quality education and patriotic feelings, and shape their vitality and strong will to forge ahead.

Now Wuhai Cultural Tourism Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Many citizens passing by are curious about what this building is used for.

In the near future, this area will be built into a youth training base with perfect facilities.

Please click on this little program to reflect the problem and learn the civil code well.

Look at what the staff say (overall appearance drawing of the building).

and Inner Mongolia Dingsheng Zerun Network Technology Co., Ltd.

(376) Part VI succession Chapter II statutory succession article 1131 an appropriate estate may be distributed to a person other than the successor who relies on the support of the decedent, or a person other than the successor who has more support for the decedent.

takes it as the urban memory of Wuhai development and retains it completely.

Lifting Insert

The red bricks used in Wuhai brick houses were fired here.

It is a cooperation between Wuhai Cultural Tourism Industry Development Co., Ltd.

The brick kiln building is preliminarily planned to be built into an ecological restaurant and old object exhibition hall, with the top as a viewing platform.

At the same time, it can provide services for the government, enterprises and major social organizations to carry out large-scale party building and League building activities.


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