Solicitation for intelligent building and smart city

Publication name, publication year, volume (issue): start and end page number (except for those without volume number, any other item is indispensable).

Requirements for contributions I.


It is the first intelligent building industry journal in China, with high prestige.

Newspaper article: [serial number] main responsible person.

Focus on us.

The magazine has compiled China smart city Yearbook and hosted China

Introduce and exchange professional technology, carry out analysis and discussion, and provide various reference materials for relevant ministries and commissions, provincial and municipal leaders, information management departments, design institutes, system integrators, construction engineering companies, real estate developers, property management companies, product manufacturers and other relevant units.

International standards, national standards, industrial standards, local standards: [serial number] standard number, standard name [S].

It is a professional technical journal in charge of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

Elephant Foot Ferrule

Intelligent building and smart city mainly covers building automation, generic cabling, system integration, intelligent lighting, intelligent residential area, safety prevention, automatic fire alarm, digital control, computer room engineering, lightning protection and grounding and computer application of intelligent building, as well as top-level design, special application, basic technology and other related disciplines of smart city.


Intelligent building and smart city, a national A-level Journal (formerly known as intelligent building and city information), was founded in 1994 and publicly distributed at home and abroad (domestic unified serial number: cn10-1392 / TU; international standard serial number: issn2096-1405; postal code: 82-729).

Title [document type mark / carrier type mark].

Place of publication, year of publication and website of electronic literature.

It has gone through the process of starting publication for 20 years.

(any one of them is indispensable).

Place of publication: publishing unit and year of publication.

Monographs, collections of papers, dissertations and reports: [serial number] main responsible person.

Compound influence factor: 0.218; Comprehensive impact factor: 0.133.


Electronic Literature: main responsible person.

2、 The description of references requires that the references are the most necessary and up-to-date books, newspaper articles or electronic documents published and distributed at home and abroad.

Submission email: , the contribution indicates the review of intelligent building and smart city.

Document title [document type mark].

Document title [J].

The description items are required to be complete, and the document serial number shall be marked at the quotation place in the text.

Newspaper name, publication date (EDITION).

bilingual requirements: the title, abstract (100 ~ 300 words in Chinese), key words (3 ~ 8) and the name of the author’s work unit of each paper must be bilingual in Chinese and English.

Document title [n].


Commonly used documents are described and arranged in the following formats: 1.

Journal article: [serial number] main responsible person.


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