Poetry workshop | Shen Long: construction workers

In this life, it is impossible to lift the sky an inch higher, but still stubbornly yearn for the blue sky like a high-rise building.

Lifting Pin Anchor

When it is completed, she looks at the scenery on the balcony.

Sweat infiltrated the wound, and blood disappeared quietly like a river of years.

I look at the high-rise building on the ground.

His works are scattered in Huaihua daily, Hunan Daily, people’s daily, China Water Conservancy news, environmental protection news, high-speed era, Chinese countryside, Xiangjiang literature and art review, China Poetry network, etc.

It is hazy in the sound of frogs.

This column aims to show the labor style and the healthy and upward life interest of employees in the form of literature and art, sing the main melody and spread positive energy! Welcome to contribute! Prose, poetry, short stories, photography, calligraphy and painting works are all available! Submission email: gcyy2019@126.com Tel.: 0731-84320216 QQ communication group: 663270640 picture: from network editor: mengjuan / US editor: Wu Bo..

My poetry is half the sea water, my soul and half the flame.

I squatted by the low shed, picking up rice, hoping to pick up an ocean.

Rows of skyscrapers were like the crops I planted.

We carry it on our shoulders, nail it with a hammer, twist it with a tie wire, and twist it with a wrench, Welding boards with welding machines finally gave birth to the idea of baby teeth.

I tied the sun and white clouds in the air with the long arm of the crane.

The full moon of Shen long, a construction worker, is a moon cake tall building planted in a foreign sky.

I hope the children will have a rising sky steel bar in the future, just like my scapular bone.

Author introduction Shen long, Dong nationality.

I was as happy as holding up a child with a trowel The moonlight is built into the wall.

I go.


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