The construction contract of an unqualified natural person undertaking to build a rural building with more than two floors (excluding) is

According to the regulations, the housing construction involved in the case shall comply with the mandatory provisions of the construction law.

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Their construction shall comply with the provisions of Article 26 of the construction law of the people’s Republic of China, That is, “the unit contracting construction projects shall hold the qualification certificate obtained according to law and contract projects within the business scope permitted by its qualification level”..

The dormitory building has five floors, with a construction area of more than 300 square meters and an investment of more than 300000 yuan.

The factory buildings and dormitories involved in the case do not belong to the “rescue and disaster relief and other temporary housing buildings and farmers’ self built low-rise houses” stipulated in paragraph 3 of Article 83 of the construction law of the people’s Republic of China.


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