Ranking of the top 100 buildings in China!

  Second place: Ping An financial center height: 599 meters    City: Shenzhen    Year of completion: in 2017, the initial design height of Ping An financial center was 660 meters, including a 60 meter high antenna, which would have become the tallest building in China.

It is a landmark in Shanghai.

  Ninth place: Wuhan green space center height: 476m    City: Wuhan    Expected capping year: 2020-2021 Wuhan Greenland center is a super high-rise skyscraper under construction in Wuhan.

The included area does not include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, but only the mainland; 6.

The building types are high-rise buildings and radio and television towers, and other types are not included temporarily; 3.

However, Chow Tai Fook company did not support this design, and requested the planning department to allow them to redesign the building and obtain approval.

Although Gaoyin 117 building ranks third in China, Gaoyin 117 building is the highest in terms of roof height.

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The huge wind tunnel at the top makes it look like a giant bottle opener.

Guangzhou tower has a series of viewing platforms on the top floor, roof and antenna base, including the highest open-air viewing platform 488 meters away from the ground, which was once the highest viewing platform in the world.

It is not crowded with high-rise buildings like the city center and Binhai New Area.

The building height is based on the total height, including external decorations such as antenna and parapet; 5.

The green space center is designed by Adrian Smith, who is responsible for the design of the Khalifa tower in Dubai.

There is a sightseeing hall on the 116th floor of the building, which will be open to tourists from February 2018.

They looked symmetrical, and the East and West towers echoed each other.

Like the Khalifa tower, the base of the building is Y-shaped.

The curtain wall of the building tilts slightly inward with the rise of height.

  Tenth place: Oriental pearl tower height: 468 meters    City: Shanghai    Year of completion: 1994 the Oriental Pearl Tower is a TV Tower in Shanghai.

The main structure of the included buildings must be capped.

At present, Chow Tai Fook financial center is owned by Chow Tai Fook Group and its headquarters.

There are hollow decorative structures on the top of the two high-rise buildings listed above.

Fifth place: Chow Tai Fook financial center height: 530 meters    City: Guangzhou    Year of completion: in 2016, Chow Tai Fook financial center is the tallest building and the second tallest building in Guangzhou.

If the roof height is calculated, it is much higher than the Guangzhou tower.

At present, Gaoyin 117 building is still under construction, but it has been completely capped.

It is the second super high-rise skyscraper developed and named by zhoudafu group.

If the antenna is not included, the roof height of Guangzhou tower is 454 meters.

The shape of the building looks like the classic box shape, but it is actually conical.

It is second only to the 634 meter Tokyo clear sky tower in the world.

Source: water supply and drainage horizon   ID: jipaishui2020 if there is any copyright problem, please contact to delete the national top 100 building data description: 1.

The sightseeing hall is located 541 meters above the ground, which can have a panoramic view of Shenzhen and Hong Kong Island in sunny weather.

In view of the fact that Tianjin Gaoyin 117 building has not been completed yet.

The building is located in Tianjin Binhai New Area, which will be built into a commercial center similar to Shanghai Pudong New Area.

  Sixth place: zhoudafu Binhai center height: 530m    City: Tianjin    Year of completion: 2019 Tianjin zhoudafu Binhai center is the second tallest building in Tianjin.

As of 2020, the global financial center is still the highest flat top building in the world.

The deadline for the included content is October 28, 2019; 2.

Data sources: construction project developers and local planning and design departments.

However, when the main body of the building was about to be capped, it was forced to modify the design to reduce the height, and the antenna was removed, because the original height may affect the safety of nearby routes.

Originally designed to be 636 meters high, it was planned to become the tallest building in China, but it was reduced to 476 meters due to aviation safety problems.

At present, the building is basically close to the capping.

At the top is a diamond structure, and a sightseeing hall will be built inside.

Shanghai Center Tower has 118 floors and 119 floors.

It was the tallest building in Shanghai before the completion of the world financial center in 2008..

If only the core tube is capped, it is not included; 4.

At present, it may exceed Shanghai Center Tower’s high rise building, which is the Shenzhen Hong Kong International Financial Center of Shenzhen.

“Zun” refers to an instrument for holding wine in ancient China.

Now it has been the title of the first high-rise building in China for five years, and it is expected to last at least 3 years, because several high-rise buildings that originally designed to exceed the height of the building have been cut to varying degrees, such as the Shenzhen Ping An financial center from 660 meters to 599 meters.

It has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shanghai.

Tourists can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Shanghai city from 360 to the city’s highest point of Shanghai center sightseeing hall.

Third place: Gaoyin finance 117 height: 597m    City: Tianjin    Year of capping: 2019 Tianjin Gaoyin finance 117 is a super high-rise skyscraper in Xiqing District, Tianjin.

Seventh place: China Zun building height: 528 meters    City: Beijing    Year of completion: 2018 China Zun building is the tallest building in the capital Beijing, located in the core area of the international trade CBD.

It is also the tallest TV broadcasting tower and sightseeing tower in China and the second tallest in the world.

After that, the design of American architectural design firm KPF was selected.

It will start soon.

In the initial planning, the East Tower and the west tower were designed in the same shape, which were located on both sides of the central axis connected by CITIC Plaza and Guangzhou tower.

The official name of the building is CITIC Building, which is the headquarters of CITIC Group, but the name China Zun is more widely used.

There is a sightseeing hall in the overpass above the wind tunnel, 474 meters high from the ground.

The development right of the East Tower was obtained by Chow Tai Fook Group and developed by new world development company, a subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook, since 2009.

It is called “the summit of Shanghai”.

Number one: Shanghai Center Tower height: 632 meters    City: Shanghai    Built year: Shanghai Center Tower 2015 was built in the early 2015 and became the first high-rise building in China.

It has the highest and second highest tourist hall in China.

At present, the building is shut down due to financial problems.

There are only its auxiliary buildings and a few residential buildings around, so it also stands out from the crowd.

Suzhou Central South Center has been reduced from 729 meters to 500 meters, and the Wuhan Green Space Center has been reduced from 636 meters to 475 meters.

When it was just completed, the height of the tower was 610m, but due to the safety of nearby routes, a small part of the antenna of the tower was cut off to reduce the height to 597m.

The top of the tower is a long antenna.

The location of the building is relatively remote compared with other high-rise buildings in Tianjin.

It is also a sightseeing tower.

It was once the world’s highest sightseeing hall certified by Guinness World Records, and was later surpassed by the observation platform of Guangzhou tower by 14 meters.

Eighth place: Shanghai global financial center height: 492m    City: Shanghai    Year of completion: 2008 Shanghai global financial center is the second tallest building in Shanghai.

It was called the world’s highest flat top building from 2008 to 2009.

The shape of the building comes from the shape of “Zun”.

In the initial planning stage, the building is called the East Tower, which was planned together with the West Tower Guangzhou International financial center.

It is said that the removal of the antenna structure cost millions of yuan.

The global financial center is one of the most eye-catching buildings in Shanghai.

Fourth place: Guangzhou tower height: 596m    City: Guangzhou    Year of completion: 2010 Guangzhou tower is the tallest building in Guangzhou.

Although there is no special sightseeing hall in the building, there are restaurants, bars and other leisure places on the top.

The design height is 656 meters, and has entered the preparatory stage of construction.


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