China Railway | general idea: the reform of operation and management system of large construction enterprises guided by optimizing the

The second is to change the “one responsibility” of the three-level company’s operation and production at the same time, so as to ensure that the order scale and quality are not high and the construction management level is not high due to the objective limitations of qualification, capital, talent and brand, so that the main leaders and the whole management team of the three-level company should focus on the construction organization and the optimal allocation of production resources, so as to create construction profits, build high-quality buildings Establish enterprise reputation and cultivate basic talents as the focus of work, do a good job in projects under construction, promote rolling operation, cooperate with bid preparation and bidding, and perform auxiliary business functions.

Regional operation focuses on improving the operation capacity of regional headquarters, effectively liberating the operation pressure of three-level companies, so that they can focus on construction and production without worrying about order sources and benefits.

To implement the reform of operation and management system guided by optimizing the allocation of operation resources, first, comprehensively implement regional operation and management.

Each secondary company divides the country into several regions as the basic business unit, establishes a full-time business organization in the region (hereinafter referred to as the regional headquarters), and sends full-time business personnel as the operation platform for the main operation of the secondary company, fully represents the secondary company to make overall use of its business resources and undertake various tasks in the region Market maintenance and operation coordination.

We continue to fully share the ideas, ideas, systems and methods of China Railway’s operation and management system reform guided by optimizing the allocation of operating resources, so as to provide reference and reference for the operation and management system and mechanism reform of construction enterprises, especially large construction enterprises.

Second, vigorously implement three-dimensional operation and management.

Regional operation focuses on being close to the market, territorial operation and rolling development, with permanent institutions and permanent personnel..

Simultaneously carry out the construction of regional operation system and continuously improve it.

First, change the current situation that the secondary company focuses on operation and management, the main responsible operating organization and personnel are seriously lacking, and the market development ability is obviously weak, adjust the business task assessment system, shift the contract order pressure from the tertiary company to the secondary company, strengthen the main responsibility of the secondary company, and release the secondary company in terms of qualification, capital, technology The comparative advantages of management and brand for the three-level companies adapt to the increasing number of comprehensive projects in the construction market and the continuous improvement of the qualification requirements of bidding subjects, so that the two-level companies can truly become the main force in the expansion of China Railway’s business scale.

The main business personnel of the three-level company are sent to the regional headquarters, and only a small number of business contacts and bid preparation personnel are retained to cooperate with the regional headquarters.

The secondary company is the core of regional operation, which undertakes the responsibility of the main body of operation and localized operation.

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The core meaning is to focus on the complementary advantages of the industrial chain, joint operation, “dabingtuan” collaborative operation, reduce internal consumption, give full play to the overall operation joint force of China Railway, promote the high-quality development of operation, adjust the layout of investment secondary companies and endow them with the function of regional headquarters; Clarify the three-dimensional operation paths and methods between secondary companies with different businesses and between them and regional headquarters, improve the top-level system and work operation mechanism of operation, management and economic relations, and form a system with joint-stock companies as the leader, regional headquarters as the platform, industrial chain synergy and management team advantages as the support, collaborative operation and benefit sharing as the core A three-dimensional operation system aiming at maximizing the operating benefits of China Railway.

Gordon shared that in recent years, China Railway has implemented the reform of operation and management system guided by optimizing the allocation of operation resources, comprehensively implemented regional operation and vigorously implemented three-dimensional operation, and achieved remarkable results.

In the process of further promoting the three-dimensional operation and management practice characterized by regional operation, the enterprise’s operation and management and system construction have been promoted to a higher level of scientific management by straightening out the operation relations, optimizing the management system, improving the institutional setting, enriching elite talents and supporting relevant systems, the enterprise’s resource allocation has been further optimized, and the marketing kinetic energy is being optimized and transformed, Production capacity is steadily improving, and a new pattern of high-quality development is gradually taking shape.

02 improve the regional operation layout and organization staffing, improve the regional operation capacity, lay a solid foundation for high-quality three-dimensional operation, focus on and guide the construction secondary companies, and gradually promote them in other secondary companies.

Clarify the business function orientation of companies at all levels, establish the main framework for the implementation of regional operation and three-dimensional operation, and focus on repositioning and scientific division of production and operation functions of secondary and tertiary companies.

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Regional operation focuses on the matching of power and responsibility.

The regional operation focuses on the leadership of the secondary company, the front command of the resident office, “elite management” and “salary based on orders”.

The regional headquarters must be empowered by the secondary company to contract effective projects and maintain a reputable market.

First, carry out the construction of regional operation infrastructure.

The operation and management structure before the implementation of the reform of the operation and management system is shown in Figure 1, and the operation and management structure formed by the implementation of the regional operation and three-dimensional operation and management plan is shown in Figure 2.

The core meaning is to focus on the scientific positioning of the operation functions of joint-stock companies, secondary companies and tertiary companies, highlight the high-end coordinated operation functions of joint-stock companies and the main responsibility operation functions of secondary companies, and weaken the assessment of operation tasks of tertiary companies, Endow them with auxiliary operation functions, release their construction and production capacity, establish corresponding organization setting and staffing standards, management system and evaluation system, and promote them in an orderly and comprehensive manner.

Comprehensively promote regional operation, vigorously implement three-dimensional operation, promote the optimal allocation of operating resources, and then enhance the competitiveness and influence of operation, It is the only way to achieve the overall production and operation pattern of “joint-stock companies focus on industrial management, secondary companies focus on market operation, and tertiary companies focus on production organization” and the market operation pattern of “joint-stock companies focus on coordinated operation, secondary companies focus on main operation, and tertiary companies assist in operation”, and build a “leading industry and world-class” comprehensive industrial group.


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