Be a “tailor” of Architecture

Fashion is perishable, but architecture remains unchanged.

We turn technology and experience into “tailor” Our hands are used to select materials, pick threads, cut and sew for the architect’s creative design.

Architects are architectural fashion designers, and there is an inseparable relationship between architecture and fashion clothing.

Architecture has long been integrated into the boundary of fashion.

The architectural design that cannot be well landed is nothingness.

We have a persistent ingenuity and make continuous efforts to present better quality for each architectural work.

We believe that the value of the design of Chongqing Raffles Plaza lies in assisting the architectural scheme to achieve perfect landing quality, and adhere to “better is innovation” We constantly challenge ourselves and find better.

In the autumn of 2018, we proposed that curtain wall engineers should become the “tailor” of building skin “, strive to achieve perfect architectural landing quality for employers and architects.

We hope to be a “tailor” of architecture in every project work In order to realize the integrity and high quality of the project, we use technology to refine the value of architectural art.

The two arts compete with each other.

The shoe architecture designed by Zaha is usually static and will not move and change with time and space; clothing is usually dynamic and changes constantly with the movement of human body.

We are the explorer of curtain wall technology and the discoverer and solver of problems.

  Better is innovation better design better innovation..

  The shoes designed by Zaha are the “tailor” of architectural skin.

In the fashion industry, we can find those solidification The architectural art standing quietly in time is incarnated as the inspiration Muse of many fashion designers, giving fashion art a more dynamic and flexible beauty.

Fabricated Frame Scaffold

As far as architecture is concerned, technology is always hidden in the deep logic of art.

Shape, color and fabric determine clothing Three decisive factors, and architectural language is also these three factors: modeling (structure), color (light) and material (texture).


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